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Rome - From Rise to Fall
Rome Expanded

Introducing, Roman Roads, Modular Python Wonders never seen before, Modular Civs, New Religion, New Leaders and just about everything you can imagine!
First of all this mod is not featuring only the Roman times. This mod can be played with whatever map you want and with any civ you want. This mod also adds 2 Historical Scenarios but this mod was created to enhance gameplay with Rome.
Pictures at the end!


3 Modular Wonders created by me with Art, Movie, and Spectacular Python effects!
-The Colosseum: 1:) and 3:culture: for every Culture Level
-Trajan's Column: Units built in cities with Great Engineers start with Shock Promotion
-Statue of Jupiter: The Holy Shrine of Roman Polytheism (see the New Religion for more info)

2 Historical Scenarios: Rise of Rome and Fall of Rome!
Fall of Rome Scenario:
Year: 476 AD
Spoiler Civs :

* = impossible, ** = Hard, *** = Medium, **** = Easy, ***** = No Challenge
-Western Roman Empire **
-Eastern Roman Empire ****
-Visigoths ***
-Vandals ***
-Huns ***
-Celts **
-Sassanids ****
-Himyarite's **
-Tamils **
-Mauryans ***
-Korea ****
-Japan ****
-Liu Song Dynasty ***
-Northern Wei ***
-Maya **
-Tiwanku *
-Teotihuacanos *

Rise of Rome scenario:
Year: 300 BC
Spoiler Civs :

* = impossible, ** = Hard, *** = Medium, **** = Easy, ***** = No Challenge
-Romans ***
-Carthaginians ****
-Egyptians ***
-Selucians ***
-Greeks ****
-Celts ***

Featuring: Historical Roman Legions!
Roman Praetorians are replaces by Roman Legions which can build Roman Roads! I removed one strength from it because it was too strong so now it has 7:strength:.

New Religion, all included!
Roman Polytheism
Founding Tech: Iron Working
Religious Buildings: Statue of Jupiter (Shrine), Sanctuary of Minerva (Monastery), Roman Temple (Temple), Temple of Mars (Cathedral)
Religious Unit: Roman Polytheist Missionary (Missionary)

The Roman Civil War!
Once a Roman city gets 4:mad: and 2:yuck: that city including all the units will become the Byzantine Civilization! The Byzantines also get 3 Cataphracts, 2 Spearman, 2 Archers, 1 Settler, and 2 Workers in the city.

3 New Roman Leaders!
-Imperator Caesar Nerva Traianus Divi Nervae filius Augustus (Trajan)
-Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus (Marcus Aurelius)
-Flavius Valerius Constantinus (Constantine)

1 New Civ!
Modular and Sound included
-Lorenzo de Medici
-Benito Mussolini
-Giuseppe Garibaldi
-Vittorio Emanuele II
UU and UB:
-Alpino replaces Rifelman
-Carnevale replaces Theatre

If I missed anyone it is not on purpose, here is a list of things I took but have no idea who created:
-The Italian LH's except Lorenzo de Medici
-Alpino and Carnival
-Italian Sound
so please do let me know if you know who created these things so I can add them to my list.

-@mourndraken - Trajan's Column Movie
-@Ekmek - Constantine, Trajan, and Marcus Aurelius LH's
-@Novator - Lorenzo de Medici LH
-@JustATourist - Sound for Roman Polytheism and Roman Polytheist Temple
-@The_J - the base of the Civil War
-@Dual - the and from Shinto Mod
-@Rhye and @Fierabrais - The Tiny Europe Map
-@pie_at - the World Picker base image
-@Zeta Nexus for the Statue of Jupiter Movie

From mods, without explicit mention of the original creators:
-RFC Greek World - Trajan's Column Model
-RFC Dawn of Civilization - Flavain Amphitheatre Button, Roman Polytheist Cathedral, art for the Roman Road
-Rhye's and Fall of Civilization - Flavian Amphitheatre Model
-@Jamie's Rome - New Legion

Some of the Wonders:
Trajans Column.JPG

3 New Roman Leaders:

Italian Civ:

Fall of Rome Scenario:
Rise of Rome.JPG

Rise of Rome scenario:
Fall of Rome.JPG
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