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Not Just Another Translator 1.0

A Translator that works offline and doesn't require any other software!

  1. Louis the XIV
    Tired of searching on google English to French/Italian/Spanish/German so as to translate a text for your mod? Not anymore!
    Introducing Louis's Translator 1.0! Created with Python!
    This is a standalone app that doesn't require any other software, not even python! It was tested on my friends laptop which doesn't have Python and it worked.
    This app only translates from English to any other language in the WORLD!!!!
    When Translating you have to input the Word/Sentence with a CAPITAL LETTER. Otherwise it won't work.
    If you want to learn how to create a more simple translator all by yourself, tonight I will be posting a video on how to create a Translator with python on my YT Channel.

    How to use:
    When you open the app it will open a window on which it says 2 sentences. Below that is a button on which it states Start Translator. If you click on it the Translator window will open. In the translator window there are 2 empty slots with writing above them. The first one is Language, in that empty slot input the Language to which you want to translate. In the second slot input a sentence or word in English which starts with CAPITAL letter and click the Translate button below. If you click the Translate button the sentence/word will appear below only in the selected language!
    Also the icon is not that great and I will most probably change it at some point. The icon is a L and a T.

    I'm currently working on a version that allows Any Language to Any Language not only English to Any Language and after I finish that I will try to add the language translation for Celtic, Ancient Egyptian, and Latin.
    -Louis the XIV