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Civ VI UI File Tracker 2016-12-22

This resource is exactly what it says on the tin: a tracker for the Civ VI UI files.


  • You don't need to keep your own backups if they're on the tracker
  • You don't need to validate game cache if you want to redownload a vanilla file
  • You can easily compare files across patches and see the complete change history for any UI file
  • You can document, share, and comment upon any code issues you find in the vanilla code via the issue tracker
Q: How can I view only the changes from a specific patch?
A: In the linked Github repository, click "Commits", then click on the commit which corresponds to your desired patch

Q: How can I view the history of a specific file?
A: In the linked Github repository, find your desired file and click on its link, then in the header where the file name is display, click "Blame" for a single-page breakdown, or click "History" for a multiple page breakdown.

Q: How can I download a specific file?
A: In the linked Github repository, navigate to your desired file, then, in the header where the file name is, right click "Raw" and select "Save Link As..." in the context menu (this wording may be different depending upon browser). If you want to download an older version of the file (instead of latest), instead click "History" and select the file version you desire, THEN follow the previous step involving the "Raw" button.

Q: How can I document an issue I've encountered?
A: In the linked Github repository, click "Issues" to access the tracker. From there you can view existing issues and add your own using the "New Issue" button if it's not already documented.

Q: How can I comment on Firaxis's code without actually creating an issue?
A: If you just have something minor to say or point out, like a style issue, you can attach a comment to the affected file at the affected line by navigating to the desired file in the linked Github repository, clicking the link to the latest commit the file was a part of (as pictured here), then finding the file/line in the given commit and pressing the '[+]' button (as pictured here)

Q: How allowed is this?
A: The only files available from this tracker are the files found under '[Game]/Base/Assets/UI'. It is not a full redistribution of the game assets. Lots of mods on CivFanatics redistribute some subset of the files included here, so I see no issue with just compiling them all together as a single package.
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