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Civ4 BtS reference EN standard version (PDF) 2016-10-05

Civ4 BtS reference EN standard version (PDF)

  1. dj_anion
    This ZIP file contains PDF providing a useful summary of: Civilizations, Leaders, Terrain, Resources, Improvements, Buildings, Wonders, Units, Promotions, Techs, etc.
    Standard version (A5, 76 pages).

    Last update: 7th April 2008
    Patch 3.13 compatible!

    If you find my PDF useful/helpful and you would like to thank for my job I would be very gracious if you send me a postcard from place where you live. I am collecting them. Also, I want to know where my PDF is in use.
    It took me totally (with updates) about 1 month to do this job. Please, give me only your 5 minutes...
    In the next edition of PDF (which will be released afted the next patch, that will change something in the game) I will place special thanks for everyone who send me a postcard (don't forget to sign).

    Here is the address:
    Robert Cebula
    ul. Leszka Czarnego 2/49
    35-615 Rzeszów
    * POLAND *

    Thanks in advance!

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  1. Major Tom
    Major Tom
    Version: 2016-10-05
    Excellent support