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Civ6 DebugLocalization sqlite database with all Expansions and DLCs texts 2021-04-21

DebugLocalization.sqlite with expansions and DLCs texts

  1. robal1991
    For some reasons in Cache/DebugLocalization.sqlite database there are no localization terms from DLCs and Expansions for Civilization 6. I've created a script (credit goes to Becer for helping me) that loops over xml files and finds every text definition and I put that into a database.
    All texts are in "en-US" language. Additionally, I added 2 new columns:
    - DLC (folder name)
    - File (file name)

    I didn't remove any terms, so some Tags appear more than once in the database (for example Expansion2 contains also texts from Expansion1), but you can distinguish them by DLC and File columns I've added.

    I thought it would be useful to share that with you. Feel free to comment. :)