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  1. F

    Enhanced User Interface - Italian Translation

    Hi all, first of all thank you so much @bc1 for your amazing job on EUI. I'm a CivV (very) occasional player and I came across your mod while trying to learn how to beat Deity. I was impressed by the amount of useful features you provide with EUI so I decided to translate it to Italian 🇮🇹 You...
  2. robal1991

    [NFP] Minor text bug - missing spaces

    In DLC\Babylon\Text\en_US\Babylon_Heroes_Text_MODE.xml: <Row Tag="LOC_NOTIFICATION_HERO_LOW_LIFESPAN_SUMMARY"> <Text>Our {1_HeroClassName: plural 1?Hero; other?Heroes;}{1_HeroClassName}{1_HeroClassName: plural 1?has; other?have;} fewer than {2_NumTurns} turns remaining in their...
  3. Gubbey

    No Civilopedia Text for New Buildings

    What the title says. The new buildings added in my mod have no Civilopedia text, even though I've defined Civilopedia text in the Text.sql file using what I believe is the proper format ('LOC_PEDIA_BUILDINGS_PAGE_BUILDING_*NAME*_CHAPTER_HISTORY_PARA_1'). Other text defined in the same file...
  4. Foxtrot Twelve

    Civ V World Builder Resource Amount Text Glitch - HELP

    Ok, so I recently got back into Civ V and world building, but when I opened up my World Builder and tried to edit an old map, I noticed that the "Resource Amount" text (under the "Edit Plot" tab) was blocking the field where you enter or view the strategic resource's amount. This practically...
  5. adan_eslavo

    Alternative Component Names v15

    Endonyms and xenonyms for Vox Populi texts (Units, Buildings, Leaders, Civilizations, Cities, Natural Wonders). Random city lists. Compatible with MUCfVP. Make sure to adjust settings of the mod in "ACNSettings.sql" file
  6. robal1991

    Civ6 DebugLocalization sqlite database with all Expansions and DLCs texts 2021-04-21

    For some reasons in Cache/DebugLocalization.sqlite database there are no localization terms from DLCs and Expansions for Civilization 6. I've created a script (credit goes to Becer for helping me) that loops over xml files and finds every text definition and I put that into a database. All texts...
  7. billw2015

    XML Autocorrect Tool

    This tool will do semi-automated grammar and spelling correction on Text XML files. Usage: Have java installed (most people probably do?) Run Tools\Autocorrect\StartServer.bat Drag and drop Text XML files on to Tools\Autocorrect\DropXMLHere.bat You can also run Autocorrect.bat from the command...
  8. H

    [GS] Some texts seems not exist on the civ6 folder, but the texts are actually shown...

    Hello. I'd like to add some texts in the game, but I couldn't find any texts related to what I've wanted to change. The thing I'm referring to is "+5 Great General Points."; It shows when Hetairoi kills an enemy unit. I used a search software on the civ6 directory, aka. Aba Search & Replace...
  9. adan_eslavo

    Alternative Component Names for VP

    ALTERNATIVE COMPONENT NAMES FOR VP This mod has one purpose: to add more flavour to the game. Firaxis texts are not accurate or do not correspond to times when king or other ruler lived, or to language he used. This mod fixes that using native names for units, building, leaders and...
  10. sman1975

    LUA - Odd text error

    Hello, I'm working on a mod that adds a couple of customized civs. When I use the "GetCivilizationDescription()" method to pull the civ's name, the civ's Leader Name is returned. Same for GetCivilizationShortDescription, as well. I used SQLite Spy to look at the Localization database and see...
  11. C

    Question about text keys

    Note: Tags must only use [A-Z_] characters, start with 'TXT_KEY_', and be under 128 characters long. I've noticed the above text in the XML log. I've also noticed Firaxis themselves go over 128 characters in their text keys, for example the civilopedia texts, strategy texts, etc. In these same...
  12. S

    Better Quotes Mod 2.0

    This mod replaces all the quotes you get when you discover/finish Techs, Civics, Wonders and Natural Wonders. The quotes are generally more serious and positive than the original ones, more in line with those in Civ IV and V. The quotes are not narrated. Installation: Extract to Documents\My...
  13. S

    [PYTHON] Just a simple UI editing question

    Hey folks, So I've been working on a FFH ModMod, and due to how the mod hands out promotions for various things such as unit equipment units tend to get more promotions than in most mods. This meant that I needed to change the UI to accommodate this increased promotion count. While I've...
  14. MadManCam

    Console Peasant Barbarians v. 2

    Steam Workshop Page Changes all Barbarians game text to Console Peasants. Since it only changes text, it is set up to be used with new or saved games. For languages besides English, only a little bit of the game text is changed because I can't translate it all and it would sound weird if I...
  15. CivilizationAce

    How can we put an ampersand "&" in text

    it seems there's some sort of special use for it, so I get red squiggly lines when I put one in text, but I figure there must be a way. I tried searching the forum for "ampersand" but got no hits.
  16. Desertmoongw

    Our Sovereign Nation: Quotes 1.2

    Our Sovereign Nation is a planned mod series to give every civilization aesthetically unique versions of various different aspects of the game. Our Sovereign Nation: Quotes provides every civilization with a unique set of quotes for Technologies and Civics. These quotes are not voice acted...
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