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Civ6 DebugLocalization sqlite database with all Expansions and DLCs texts 2021-04-21

DebugLocalization.sqlite with expansions and DLCs texts

  1. April 2021 Update

    Added new texts from April 2021 Update.
  2. Portugal Pack & March 2021 Update

    Added new texts from Portugal Pack and Zombie Defense mode.
  3. February 2021 Update

    New texts from Barbarian Clans mode.
  4. Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack and January 2021 Update

    Added next texts from Vietman & Kublai Pack and from January 2021 Update.
  5. December 2020 Update

    Added new text from december 2020 update.
  6. Babylon Pack and November 2020 Update

    Added 690 new texts
  7. October 2020 Update

    New texts from Pirates scenario.
  8. Byzantium & Gaul Pack and September 2020 Update

    466 new texts
  9. August 2020 Update

    26 new texts from August Update 2020
  10. Ethiopia Pack and July 2020 Update

    Updated with:
    • Ethiopia Pack DLC
    • Persona Packs for Catherine and Teddy
    • July 2020 base game update