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CIV6 GS, <Players> and <PlayerItems> XML ONLY, add compatibility automatically (for multiple mods!) V1.2

Makes MODS compatible after R&F & GS expansion

  1. CIV6 R&F and GS <Players> and <PlayerItems> add compatibility automatically (for multiple files!)

    As I posted before this update, we can now add compatibility onetime shot in modbuddy. Nevertheless, I maintain the compatibility adding to modinfo, for you to use. If you don't want to use at all you now can delete ModinfoPaths.txt, and will not bother anymore.

    But I add a new feature, I am tired of triplicating <Players> and <PlayerItems> for selection screen expansion compatibility of your modded CIVS. And when I make a modification in a little thing here we go again. So now you can add...