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CIV6 GS, <Players> and <PlayerItems> XML ONLY, add compatibility automatically (for multiple mods!) V1.2

Makes MODS compatible after R&F & GS expansion

  1. raen
    UPDATE: Added Payer and PlayerItems support for adding the domain compatibility for the expansions.

    A little tool to add the tag above to mods modinfo file, to make mods compatible with Gathering Storm expansion.

    It only adds the code line to properties if not existent and you can add this to multiple modinfo files (see point B. bellow)

    Disclaimer: Does not solve possible problems with changes in this version, only makes any mod compatible with GS.

    How to Use:

    A. Extract and add to modbuddy:

    B. In extract file, there's a file named modinfo files where you add all the lines you want with the full path of a modinfo file.

    C. After Modbuddy build you need to run the external tool (like in 3 RUN of the picture above). Run always you make a new build...

    This way we modders can build it quickly as always.

    Also works for non modders or outside modbuddy, like above you just have to add the full path(s) of modinfo file(s) to the ModinfoPaths.txt file (see point B. above), and then run the executable. It's pretty fast also.

    Have a nice modding day! :)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Aparioss Frank
    Aparioss Frank
    Version: 1.0
    Finally someone did it. Saves players lots of time by letting them edit the inundated mods themselves.
    1. raen
      Author's Response
      Thanks, my thoughts exactly :)