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Civilization Buttons Part 5 - Bohemia 2016-10-05

Civilization Buttons Part 5 - Bohemia

  1. dacubz145
    Have a bunch of things to upload but not a lot of time to do it, so went with something simple to start.


    All these flags are Bohemian, but a lot of them are fairly generic and can be used for a variety of Civilizations.

    First one is the national symbol of Bohemia (as well as Czech Republic), the next three are flags of south Bohemia, next two are flags of North Bohemia, next three are flags of the Plzeň region.

    Thanks to http://zebratigerfish.blogspot.com/2010/06/uk-flag-institute-spring-meeting-2010.html for the information and images

    Come with Flags


    1. bohemian_buttons_q0g.png