Civilization V Improved Mod (BNW)

Civilization V Improved Mod (BNW) 12.1

- Description: Improves all aspects in game, especially the lack of money problem and the lack of production on islands.

Changes v.1:

- Market gives +1 gold on river tiles.

- Lighthouse gives +2 food on water, Harbor +2 production and Seaport +2 gold.

- Because of Seaport, you can obtain more gold on water trade routes.

- Market, Bank and Stock Exchange give +3, +5 and +8 gold and each 25% yield.

- Happiness buildings give +4 instead of +2.

- Adjusted leaders flavors.

- Adjusted policies to make each one worthy.

- Beliefs give +2 yield instead of +1.

- Farms can be built on tundra and desert.

- Unique improvements give more yield.

- Settlers and Workers have 3 movement.

- Scout has 3 movement.

- Religious units and Great people have 4 movement.

- Tuned end units strength.

- Units heal 20/turn in friendly teritory, 15 in neutral and 10 in hostile.

- The minimum war duration is 10 turns.

- The denunciation expiration time is 30 turns, instead of 60.

- Barbarians are less aggressive.

And other small changes.

Changes v.2:

- Leaders are less sensitive to friends denunciations.

- Lumber mills can be build on jungle.

Changes v.3:

- Smarter AI.

- Updated buildings.

- Updated wonders.

- Unhappiness per city is 3 and per captured city is 6.

- The policy which reduce their cost on multiple cities is now -50% instead of -33%.

Changes v.3.1:

- All specialists give 3 yield.

Changes v.4:

- Mines can be built on grass, plains and tundra also. (Change in Civ5Improvements) This helps the cities with poor hills and forest and increases the game pace.

Changes v.5:

- Quick speed is now Online! (2X Standard speed)

- More buildings have specialists.

Changes v.6:

-The improvements give +3 yield instead of +2:

All farms +1, at each Civil service and Fertilizer.

Mines and Lumber mills +1, at each Machinery and Replaceable parts.

Trading posts +1, at each Banking and Refrigeration.

Changes v.7:

- Units strength updated.

- The unique units have their strength 25% above their class.

Changes v.8:

- All units have the Defensive embarkation promotion to have the embarked strength roughly equal with their strength, like in Civilization VI. No need to escort them anymore!

- The end units have 3 movement, instead of 2.

Changes v.10:

- Siege units don't need setup anymore. This tedious task was eliminated.

- Helicopter doesn't require aluminium.

- Rocket artillery doesn't require aluminium.

- Nuclear submarine doesn't require uranium.

Changes v.11:

- Reduced warmonger penalties to help in a Domination game.

- The penalty for eliminating a civilization deleted. No need to stop the war to let the AI conquer the last city anymore.

Changes v.11.1:

- Ranged units acquire experience at the same rate as melee units.

Changes v.11.2:

- Carthage receives free lighthouses instead of harbors.

- Chariot archer doesn't require horses.

Changes v.12:

- Military units which had 2 movement, now have 3. Wars are more fun!

Changes v.12.1:

- Leaders Flavors updated.

- Open borders is available at Writing.

- Requires: Both expansion packs.

- Installation: Copy over in the game's installation folder.

- Other recommended mods:

Civilization IV Diplomatic Features
More luxuries
Small resource icons
Yet (not) another map pack.

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