Civilization VI Improved Mod (GS)

Civilization VI Improved Mod (GS) 18.1

- Description: Improves all aspects in game, especially the lack of production on islands.

Changes v.1:

- Fishing boats: 2 production at each Cartography and Plastics.

- Offshore wind farm is now at Composites.

- Lighthouse gives +2 food on coastal.

- Farms can be built on tundra and desert.

- 2 more charges instead of 1 for builder at the Builder governor.

- Settler and Builder have 3 movement.

- Scouts have 3 movement and 3 sight.

- Infantry and Artillery don't have oil maintenance.

- Food market and Shopping mall aren't exclusive.

- The 2 policies which grant loyalty give 7 each.

- End techs and civics are not hidden.

And other small changes.

Changes v.2:

- 1 adjacent farm instead of 2 required for +1 food.

- Seasteads and Mitigation give 2 victory points each instead of 1.

- Unique improvements give +3 yield instead of +2.

- Power improvements give 3 instead of 2.

- Updated policies to make each one worthy.

Changes v.2.1:

- Beliefs give +2 yield instead of +1.

Changes v.3:

- Units, including ships, heal 20/turn in friendly territory, 15 in neutral and 10 in hostile.

- The barbarians are less aggressive.

Changes v.3.1:

- Raised the bonuses for the happy states. Raised the penalties for the unhappy states.

Changes v.3.3:

- Industrial zone range is 9.

Changes v.3.4:

- Lumber mills can be built on jungle.

Changes v.3.5:

- I don't like the continuous apostle battles, so I raised their cost to 1000 faith. Missionaires can now evangelize beliefs and launch inquisitions.

Changes v.3.7:

- Alliances boosted:

Military alliance offers +10 combat strength instead of +5.

+3 for science, culture, faith at trade routes with an ally instead of +2.

Changes v.4:

- More specialists at buildings. 1 per tier.

Changes v.5:

- Biplane has 6 range instead of 4.

- Biplane doesn't require resources.

- Carrier has 3 slots. More aircraft battles!

- Destroyer doesn't require oil maintenance.

- Rocket artillery has 3 movement.

Changes v.6:

- Tuned units' strength.

- Ranged units have their strength 10 points below their ranged attack.

- The unique units have their strength 7 points above their class.

Changes v.7:

- The grievances for razing cities eliminated. If you play Domination, you need to burn a lot of cities, because micromanaging many is boring.

- End units have 3 movement instead of 2.

Changes v.7.1:

- Helicopter doesn't require aluminium maintenance.

- Nuclear submarine doesn't require uranium maintenance.

Changes v.8:

- Soldier, Siege and Naval melee don't require resources. AI had difficulties upgrading their army, now it poses a real threat.

Changes v.10:

- Military units which had 2 movement, now have 3. Wars are more fun!

Changes v.11:

- Policy cards updated.

- The strength for injured is 100%.

- The reduction in war weariness is 50%.

- The combat experience is +50%.

- Grievances for the refuzal to stop spying and for incursions eliminated. Now the spies are more useful!

Changes v.12:

- Mines can be built on flat terrain. Now all cities are competitive!

- Governors promotions updated.

Changes v.14:

- Great people abilities tweaked, to make each one powerful.

Changes v.15:

Happiness tweaked, to encourage tall play. Found cities only on resources!

- Content: +1 amenities, +10% to all yields.

- Happy: +2 amenities, +20%.

- Ecstatic: +3 amenities and more, +30%.

- Displeased: -1 amenities, -10% to all yields.

- Unhappy: -2 amenities, -20%.

- Unrest: -3 amenities, -30% and growth -100%.

- Revolt: -4 amenities and less, -40% and growth -100%, rebel units appear.

Changes v.16:

- Leaders traits updated.

- Buildings have more great slots, to accommodate all great works.

Changes v.17:

- Governments tweaked. Last tier ones have 10 slots (instead of 9) and no penalties.

- Promotions tweaked. Which was +5 strength is now +7. Monks have 50 strength, Exploding palms is +15, Cobra strike is +20.

- Citizens give 3 yield, instead of 2.

Changes v.18:

- Projects tweaked.

You get 50% of production (was 15%) and 100 great person points (was 70), or 50 GPP if there are many of them. Now you can get the great person you want!

Changes v.18.1:

- Apostles cost 1000 faith and have 50% evict and 5 charges. To be like Great prophets in Civilization V.

- Requires: Both expansion packs.

- Installation: Copy over in the game's installation folder.

- Other recommended mods:

2X Natural wonders
Civitas resources
Even more reports
Historical Religions
Production Queue
Scrambled maps
Truly abundant resources
Wonder tweaks.

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