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CivNexus6 1.3.3

3D Graphics Tool for Civilization 6

  1. 1.3.3 Update

    * Process All Textures in Directory now handles PNG, TGA and JPG as well as DDS. These means you can bulk convert textures from .png into .dds/.tex for use in Civ VI. :)
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  2. 1.3.2 Update

    * New Texture Import feature under Further Actions tab: Can import textures to Civ 6 dds/tex format from dds, tga, png or jpg formats. The resultant .dds and .tex files will be created in a subfolder called Textures. There is a batch feature for converting all the textures in a folder.

    Be aware that the outputted textures for some Texture Classes do not work correctly with the game. If you have any problems with a given Texture Class then use the Firaxis Asset Editor to import them as...
  3. 1.2.6 Update

    * Handle multiple Tri-Groups/Materials per mesh in Create GeometrySet xml.
  4. 1.2.5b Update

    * Included FbxImporter.dll that was mistakenly omitted from 1.2.5 release.
  5. 1.2.5 Update

    * When selecting Class = "Leader", the .geo file generation will now create a dummy .wig file and reference it in the .geo.

    * Change Class dropdown for .geo file generation to include WonderMovieModel rather than WonderMovieCamera.
  6. 1.2.4 Update

    * For completeness you can now insert an Adjustment Bone to alter Position as well as Scale and Rotation. Simply enter the X, Y, Z coordinates in the Pos X, Pos Y, Pos Z fields then click "Adjustment Bone and Save".

  7. 1.2.3 Update

    Stream-lined Civ V conversion process:

    If using CivNexus6 1.2.3 your Asset .ast file will be created automatically as part of the "Convert all .gr2 Files in Directory to .fgx/.anm" step. This works by assigning Civ V animations into the Civ VI animation slots. The mapping is editable if you need to tweak it - see the Civ6ToCiv5AninMap.txt in the CivNexus6 application directory. Another file containing just the Behavior data is generated within the fgx_anm_output folder called...
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  8. 1.2.1 Update

    * If you are importing/overwriting with Mesh Vertex Format set to "Bone Bindings, 1 UV", any mesh vertices that are unweighted will be assigned to the root bone with a warning giving the count of unweighted vertices in each mesh. If using a Mesh Vertex Format that does not have Bone Bindings (i.e. an unanimated model) there is no longer a need to rig your mesh to the skeleton.

    * Fixed .br2 Import/Overwrite which was broken in 1.2.0.

  9. CivNexus6 1.2.0

    An extensive update to CivNexus6 to better support Civ 6 FGX format graphics modding.

    New Features in CivNexus6 1.2

    * New Import/Export format .cn6 can be used instead of the old .nb2/.br2 formats. Old formats can still be used via a radio button.

    The .cn6 is a development of the .br2 format with the following improvements to Blender Import/Export scripts and CivNexus6...
  10. 1.0.1 Update

    * Open FBX should now work for turning .fbx -> .fgx. You need to specify the name of the Mesh (rather than the Model/Skeleton) in the Node box before selecting your .fbx file.

    * Added "Remove Bone" function for removing specific bones from the .fgx. Warning: this will save the file so use with caution.

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