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Sep 18, 2019 at 1:23 PM
Feb 12, 2008
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London, UK

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Graphical Hackificator, from London, UK

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Sep 18, 2019 at 1:23 PM
    1. Thirteen 1355
      Thirteen 1355
      Hey, I got a question considering Dune Wars (Revival) and the Planetfall mod. I'm looking for a sci-fi, planet-based mod that I'd enjoy the most.
      Firstly, I'm wondering what unique features Dune Wars (Revival) has that make it stand out from other mods.
      Second, what does the 'unpolishedness' of the Planetfall mod consist of? Is it just faction inbalance or bugs/problems?
    2. sharqawy
    3. DrTomba
      Hello. Could you please help me with the Civ VI. It's about removing the "does full damage to walls" ability of missile cruiser naval unit. Which xml file must I open and what must I alter to remove this ability so that misslie cruiser will do reduced damage to walls, such as most non-siege units do. Thx
    4. Sword_Of_Geddon
      Have you thought about converting and bringing all the wonder ethnic units from Civ4's extensive library to civ6? Theres all the wonderful sets by Bakuel, his Russian, Asian and Indian packs to name a few, a ton of stuff. Just an idea.
    5. Wolfdog
      Hey Deliverator, hope all is well.
      I am just seeking your permission to create a standalone version of WE using your base unit art assets from MOAR - Rifleman, Trebuchet, Gatling Gun etc.?
      I think going forward it will be easier to maintain this way as you are no longer are supporting MOAR. It should also hopefully be compatible with your S&T Unique Units mod.
      1. Deliverator
        Hi Wolfdog. All is well thanks! I'm very happy for you to create a new standalone version of Warfare Expanded using assets from Moar Units/S&T. I'll send you a link to the S&T assets as I haven't got around to uploading them here yet.
        Sep 10, 2018
    6. tab
      Hey same issue as mann6988. I tried moarunits mod but got looped back to main menu. I also inspected the Mod.log. Heres the extracts
      [1167205.465] Mod Art Files - Loading MOAR_Units.dep
      [1167205.470] ERROR: Attempted to evaluate a path for a mod that doesn't actually contain that path.
      This error goes on for a while. I picked up this game only cause i saw this mod. Im eagerly awaiting your help. Thanks in advance
    7. mann6988
      hi. i just install the civ 6. trying MoarUnits-1.2. when i start game it will loop back to game main page. if i disable the MoarUnits-1.2, the game can start. please advise. thank you
      1. Deliverator
        Apr 27, 2018
    8. NameArleadyUsed
      Quick info about recently provided PL translation for UnitExpansion: I forgot to change Language tag from en_US to pl_PL for Horseman. Would probably overwrite english one and cause much users to scrap their heads after next release. Sorry for that :)
      1. Deliverator
        Thanks, I have corrected that!
        Apr 10, 2018
    9. HenrichVonRotenberg
      Hi ! I would like your opinion. I am moddeur in other games (Trove) and i have .br2 animation I am trying to import them into blender. I have already try to use nexusbuddy without success but with Civnexus it worked more or less ( in blender https://i.gyazo.com/477dd0cba4f9c0316b6c7da58173da66.png and it's possible to export .gr2 in blender or just in .fbx?
      Thank you for this stuff !
      1. Deliverator
        To make a .gr2 animation from Blender I would export to .fbx and then use Nexus Buddy 2 to convert it.
        Nov 10, 2017
    10. TheMarshmallowBear
      Hey Deliverator, would you knkow how to import animiations into blender from Civ 6?
      1. Deliverator
        May 16, 2017
    11. Bate1999
      Oh and I really like your mods thank you for making them! Can you please make the download files for "Moar Units Mod 0.82" and "Even Moar Units: The Aztecs 1.5b" zip files?
      1. Deliverator
        I had to switch to 7-zip because the zip file for Moar Units wouldn't upload. For Windows get 7-zip or there are equivalent programs for Mac. 7z is a better compression format anyway.
        Apr 3, 2017
    12. ChimpanG
      Hi Deliverator,

      Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, I'm relatively new around here (mainly lurking rather than contributing). I just wanted to say thank you for your work on the Moar Units mods you've been releasing. Really cool additions to the game!
      1. Deliverator likes this.
    13. zeppelin17
    14. Syrkres
    15. Folket
      davidlallen answered me earlier and I have been playing around some in the code.
    16. Folket

      Any chance I could have a look at the code base for dune wars and see if I could get it to work over internet?
    17. Ekmek
      If you're taking feature requests for Nexusbuddy2 a batch granny conversion button would be sweet ;) just the easy of converting a bunch of selected grannys that we can convert to workable ones would cut down on some of the repetiveness.
    18. Ekmek
      Sweet! Glad you came back just in the right time.Thank you for the breakthrough!
    19. Ekmek
      Hey deliverator - i see you poking around from time to time. Any chance you can chime in on our thread about importing a gr2 skeleton. I'm going through your old research on how you first rigged a skeleton and see that a unit would fold on itself and we are having that problem now.

    20. CivWarGamer
      You seem to be very amazing at creating the units. I'm in the middle of creating 'SPQR Rise of Rome' http://forums.2kgames.com/showthread.php?115219-SPQR-Rise-of-Rome

      If you could create some Roman era units that would be awesome. Here's what would be cool: Roman Siege Tower, an early era Roman legion (the one they have default is the later imperial legion), Slingers similar to the Inca but no feathers, javelin throwers, battering ram.
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    Terra Mirabilis - Natural Wonders Expansion for Civ VI | Steel & Thunder - Unit Expansion and Unique Units for Civilization VI | CivNexus6 - 3D Editor/Importer/Exporter for Civilization VI
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