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Cleaned Up Rails 2016-10-05

Ok, this isn't a significant change (some of you may not even tell the difference), but since everyone else has done it, I thought I might as well try my hand at modifying the rails pcx.

First of all, I took a lot of the more pronounced loopty-loops out. Secondly, I did some cleaning up (stray pixels, thick lines, etc.). Thirdly, I added more visible rails to some of the pics. Finally, I removed some of the light biege/tan coloring between the rails that made it too obtusive on the terrain.

All in all, it's not the most significant change, but it helps. One thing I did notice is the attention to detail Firaxis committed to this file. Whomever created this file really paid attention to possible track configuations. While that's great when just looking at the file, it creates havoc in-game.
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