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Colonialist Legacies' Inuit for VP 10

Adds the Inuit, led by Ekeuhnick. For use with Vox Populi

  1. Oct 6 - Igloo rework

    Igloo rework: Igluviak unique improvement added on construction of Igloo
    Qamutiik no longer has movement penlaty promotion
  2. Oct 5 - the nerfening

    Seal resource nerf
    Iglu yields per tile worked nerf
    Inuksuk yields nerf
  3. inuksuk ideology boosts

    added ideology improvement bonuses to inuksuk
  4. bug fix for unique promotions

    error in modinfo file prevented art assets from loading
  5. Promotion Icons

    7-17 compatibility
    Unique promotion icons
  6. mod reference fix

    fixed issue with mod not referencing more luxuries. Should resolve an issue with starting locations
  7. full CPP integration

    The UA now is fully integrated into CPP v4-20b and later
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  8. Unattatik & Inuksuk changes

    Unattatik moved to Crossbow. Unaaq promotion strengthened slightly
    Inuksuk base yields changed. Now claims adjacent neutral tiles on construction.
  9. qamutiik cost reduction

    lowered build cost on qamutiik
  10. Qamutiik move

    Qamutiik moved to Agriculture
    Text fixes
    lua fixes
    Inuksuk buff