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Colonialist Legacies' Inuit for VP

Colonialist Legacies' Inuit for VP 20

Increased the Unataatik CS and RCS to 18 and 22 RCS
Igloo bonuses to Ocean, Snow, Tundra, and Desert adjusted to match the new Caravansary base values
Fixed bug with the Igluviak not getting the correct policy bonus yields
changed the name of the UA to Qauijimajatuqangit
no longer requires dependencies that don't exist
fixed some text for the UUs
Qamutiik updates for new skirmisher compatibility
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Great Merge Compatibility
Great Merge compatibility
added null check for inuksuk tile claim (in case of map edge)
used cleaner code for tile city assignment from tile claim
lua fix for inuksuk
Now uses Snow start bias, courtesy of @azum4roll
Igloo resources for working tiles fix
Unataatik Unaak promotion now gives -2 movement plague (up from -1)
multiple lua fixes for igluviak placement and notifications. Should work as intended now.
non-specialist food change reduced to -0.67 (ie. non-specialists consume 33% less food, down from 50%)
resource notification fix
leader flavors fix
Added city and naval penalties to the Qamutiik and Defense Only to the Untattik
updated policy yields for improvement
takes advantage of new plague placer mechanic for ranged units
Inuksuk tile claim now works as intended (tiles properly attributed to nearest city)
Qamutiik moves set to 3
qamutiik restart bug
improvement lua bug
Igloo rework: Igluviak unique improvement added on construction of Igloo
Qamutiik no longer has movement penlaty promotion
Seal resource nerf
Iglu yields per tile worked nerf
Inuksuk yields nerf
added ideology improvement bonuses to inuksuk
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