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  1. Z

    TXT_KEY_EUI on tooltips

    Hey there, first time poster here. I am coming back to civ after a long break and decided to try some mods. I decided on Vox Populi and civ 5 enhanced user interface. Everything seems to be working (pretty sure I haven't played it yet), but there is a weird error on all my tooltips. Not sure how...
  2. I

    City security level fixed at 50 in all civilizations

    Hi, the header says it all, security level is fixed at 50 (max) for each civ at turn 169, medieval era. Is this a bug?
  3. gwennog

    G&H's Louisiana - Joseph "Beausoleil" Broussard for VP v.8

    Adds Louisiana, led by Joseph "Beausoleil" Broussard. For use with VP and optionally MUCfVP To Talk about it Common Aspirations and Influence : Senshi and RawSasquatch: The Cajuns (Beausoleil) Octoski: Acadia (Beausoleil) Sir Ocean: Louisiana Artistic Credits (All Rights Reserved to...
  4. L

    Future in VP

    Is there any good mod compatibile with VP that enahnces future game? You know, like Future Worlds mod but with VP. Anyone is playing with such a thing?
  5. Deljade

    Berries for VP 2.0

    Small scope mod that attempts to introduce a new bonus resource to Vox Populi in the most seamless way possible. A lot of attention in balance and map generation and icons. Requires VP (1) (2) and (5), works with either EUI or no-EUI. Extract Berries for VP (v 2) and place in your MODS folder...
  6. adan_eslavo

    More Wonders for VP (discontinued - latest download on dropbox link) v0.7

    Link to the original mod. Continuation of @Infixo's VP Wonders Expanded mod. Compatible with VP 4-17. Changelog and Credits inside mod folder. For more actual version, see the mod page!
  7. adan_eslavo

    Wonder model

    Original wonders (Stonehenge, Artemis, Great Wall etc.) have two types of models which show on map: one unfinished during their construction, and second when it is finished. Does anyone know here they are declared and programmed?
  8. pineappledan

    Colonialist Legacies' Inuit for VP 20

    Credits: TPangolin: Concept Neirai: XML and Lua, Concept, adapted Pedia entries JFD: XML and Lua help LastSword: XML and Lua help Leugi: Leaderscreen, Icons, Inuksuk Graphics, Concept Regalmanemperor: Map Civitar: Unaaq graphics Viregel: Pedias Pervandr: Seals Icon adapted from "On the Ice"...
  9. P

    [HELP] Vox Populi 43 Civs Manual DLL Build

    Hello Everyone, Decided to make a new thread since the other one was made for another completely different reason, and was starting to go off topic. I'm trying to manually create the DLL for Vox Populi called CvGameCore_Expansion2.dll that needs to go into the /(1) Community Patch folder. To...
  10. P

    Vox Populi Declaration Of Friendship Formula

    Hello Everyone, I'm here searching for some answers that i've not been able to find on the net. 1) What is the formula for AI players asking for a Declaration of Friendship to Human Player? 2) What is the formula for AI players to accept a Declaration of Friendship proposal from a Human...
  11. Bob Johnson

    Help with CPP

    When I'm playing civ with YNAEMP and CPP the map loads fine but the civs are always in randomized locations. I can't seem to find any threads with my problem so I thought I'd post. If you have any idea on how to fix it that'd be great. Thanks!
  12. adan_eslavo

    More Unique Components for VP - VPEE Compatibility Patch (discontinued/merged into MUCfVP) v4

    More Unique Components for VP - EE Compatibility Patch. Merged into MUCfVP v37.1. Compatible with version: MUCfVP - up to v37. Incomaptible from v37.1. VPEE - v1.1
  13. adan_eslavo

    More Unique Components for VP - Compatibility Patches

    MORE UNIQUE COMPONENTS FOR VP - - COMPATIBILITY PATCHES Official thread for compatibility patches to More Unique Components (aka 3rd and 4th UC) for VP. So far this thread was dedicated only for VPEE compatibility patch. After merging it into the mod itself (in v37.1) I decided to change...
  14. D

    Community Balance Overhaul - Compatibility Files (EUI) LUXURY PROBLEMS

    I have a problem with (6a) Community Balance Overhaul - Compatibility Files (EUI) i follow the install instructions and delete lua folders etc. , but when i activate 6a i cant see luxury resources how can i fix this problem ?
  15. I

    Vox Populi: Does anyone know why this happens?

    Just loaded up Vox Populi for the first time and for some reason, tech icons only appear on the first few techs and then they vanish. Have I done something wrong? I'm using the following mods: Useful Oil More Luxuries Enhanced Naval Warfare for VP Exploration continued expanded Unit Path...
  16. B

    Wonders production cost penalty

    Hello everybody. First off, let me thank all the creators of these awesome mods and patches; I'm through the first run with korea and the game feels completely new and fresh. I only play in single player, and I'm not the a person who seeks for a challenge (bear in mind i usually play in Prince...
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