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Colonialist Legacies' Philippine Republic for VP 8

Adds Colonialist Legacies' Philippines, to Civ 5. Rebalanced for use with Vox Populi.

  1. UA nerf

    nerf UA
    fixes text
  2. Cargo Ship update

    - Free Cargo Ship at Trade
    - refinements to the lua
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  3. balangay rework

    Balangay now works totally differently.
  4. text fix

    text fix
  5. balangay nerf

    Balangay now can't end turn in deep ocean (same as Trireme)
    Balangay has +1 vision
  6. Balance Patch

    Increased UA to 34%, boosted by 8% by each open borders
    Altered Balangay AI
    Reduced Balangay CS to 5, increasing by 5 per era
    Coral church now gives 2 flat supply
  7. katipunero fix

    reduced balangay sight range by 1 (same base sight as trireme now)
    katipunero can now be unlocked by all industrial policies (would only unlock on Industry before)
  8. balangay fix

    Last update just broke balangay even more
  9. balangay fix

    Coral church moved to civil service
    Balangay's can no longer deploy settlers on mountains.