Colonialist Legacies' Philippine Republic for VP 11

Adds Colonialist Legacies' Philippines, to Civ 5. Rebalanced for use with Vox Populi.

  1. pineappledan

    Adds the Philippines, led by Jose Rizal as a playable civilization
    Unique Ability - Pearl of the Orient
    Unique Unit - Katipunero
    Unique Unit - Balangay
    More details in the discussion thread

    This Mod is a modifed version of Colonialist Legacies' Philippines custom civ. It has been tweaked for compatibility with Gazebo's Community Patch and Vox Populi.

    • JFD: XML and Lua; Concept.
    • Neirai: XML and Lua help.
    • TPangolin: Art, Concept.
    • Knightmare: Katipunero and Rizal icons.
    • Charlatan Alley: Voice Acting.
    • Viregel: Civilopedia Entries.
    • Filipino Singkil: Peace/War Music inspiration.
    • Pineappledan: 4UC concept, SQL, and Lua
    • Asterix Rage: Unique Promotion art
    • Wolfdog: Lantaka unit model
    • Cardboardmech: Lantaka icon
    • C. Roland: Balangay unit model
    • HungryForFood: DLL integration

Recent Updates

  1. mod compatibility
  2. 07-01 compatibility
  3. Trade unit spawning reworks
  4. UA nerf
  5. Cargo Ship update
  6. balangay rework
  7. text fix
  8. balangay nerf
  9. Balance Patch
  10. katipunero fix