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Commander Cloud Strife of AVALANCHE 2016-10-05

Well, this is the first of approximately 28 or so King units that I'll be making for the FF mod: Cloud Strife of AVALANCHE.


A former member of the Shinra military, Cloud Strife was hired by the AVALANCHE resistance group for his fighting skills and internal knowledge of Shinra operations. After rescuing Aeris Gainsborough, the last surviving Cetra, or Ancient from the clutches of Shinra, he was elected as leader of AVALANCHE as they set out on their journey to stop Sephiroth and Shinra from destroying the planet. After coming to grips with his past, he was not only able to successfully lead AVALANCHE on a successful assault against the Shinra Corporate leaders that brought the company to ruin, but also managed to defeat Sephiroth and thwart his plan to use Meteor to destroy the world.
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