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Conquest of Gaul 2016-10-05

Conquest of Gaul

  1. Colonel
    It is the year 27BC and Caesar is preparing to invade Gaul. The Britons sign an alliance with the Gauls. Caesar must now take on the two northern tribes and win victory for the glory Roman Empire. Or will the Gauls with the aid of the Britons repel Caesars forces. The outcome of History rests in your Hands! You have until the time of the fall of the Rome.

Recent Reviews

  1. bob bobato
    bob bobato
    Version: 2016-10-05
    Next time you make a scenario, use a better map. You should have used a map that shows Gaul and parts of Italy & Britain, not this map, which stretches from North America to Iran, Equatorial Africa to the North Pole. Probably the worst map you could have picked.