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Covert Operations V5

Adds units, processes to conduct a wider range of diplomatic interations

  1. Covert Operations - V1 (BETA)

    This latest version is (what I think) the final version of the BETA - ready for testing.

    I'll collect feedback for the next couple of weeks, then integrate all changes into the Final BETA to release both here and on Steam.

    Changes on this version:
    - Refined AI covert ops functions to get them working better/more reliably.
    - Added the overrides.sql file, which allows players to easily remove buildings/units from the game, albeit with some warning
    - Reworked/renamed several art files so they would not cause any conflict with other mods that may use similarly-named files
    - Switched the "Provocateur" and "Radical" units - the stats are the same, but the artwork and unit name switched. The old Provocateur just looked more like a Radical to me.
    - Cleaned up some of the UI code, e.g. entering the city view screen now hides the Cover Ops backgrounds while in the city view, then restores them upon exit
    - Cleaned up several functions, formulae, etc., adding additional test/traps to improve code stability
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