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Covert Operations V5

Adds units, processes to conduct a wider range of diplomatic interations

  1. Covert Operations - Making Spies Great Again

    Summary of Changes (V5):

    - Removed the possibility of denouncements from unknown Civs.

    - Fixed the "Covert Ops Menu" problem that when you used the Escape key to exit the "Espionage Overview UI" it would corrupt the entire UI. Using the ESC key is now safe.

    - Changed the ToolTip when you hover over a Mission in the "Covert Ops Menu" – it now factors in relative Espionage Postures in adjusting the "Odds of Mission Success" and "Odds of...
  2. Covert Operations - V4

    V4 --- Latest version of the mod. Lots of changes:


    Added a new UI that allows players to easily enable/disable Covert Ops.

    Added a new UI that allows players to select specific buildings in a city for the "Sabotage Building" Covert Op. They may choose a specific or "random" building. The odds of success for a specific building are half as much as for the random building. If the city has no normal/non-wonder buildings, this...
  3. Covert Operations - V3 (BETA)

    The latest version of the mod - with many, many changes (see below).

    Am planning on releasing a V4 in a couple of weeks. With sooooo many changes on V3, there's lots of opportunities for hotfixing coming up, so I'm planning on a much smaller V4 to fix anything I broke here. V4 will also have a popup menu that allows for much easier enabling/disabling missions.


    V3 Changes:

    Cleaned up/simplified mission...
  4. Covert Operations (V2 BETA)

    Quick fixes, mostly. Other changes:

    - Fixed a few typos; a few more to go…
    - Allowed Diplomats who are "Schmoozing" to conduct COs
    - Changed the minimum mission cost from 10 Gold to 0 – so you can steal gold if you're broke
    - Changed the name of the "Poison Water" mission to "Poison Wells"
    - Fixed an error that caused CO mission Notifications to appear too early
    - Increased chances for getting foreign CO reports
    - Increased specificity thresholds so more/better information would be...
  5. Covert Operations (V1 BETA)

  6. Covert Operations - V1 (BETA)

    This latest version is (what I think) the final version of the BETA - ready for testing.

    I'll collect feedback for the next couple of weeks, then integrate all changes into the Final BETA to release both here and on Steam.

    Changes on this version:
    - Refined AI covert ops functions to get them working better/more reliably.
    - Added the overrides.sql file, which allows players to easily remove buildings/units from the game, albeit with some warning
    - Reworked/renamed several art files so they...
  7. Covert Operations - V1c

    Latest version.

    Major change: Addition of the AI Covert Mission function.
  8. Covert Operations - V1b

    Incremental developments, no major changes to existing functionality. Summary of changes:
    - Several, uh, "typos" corrected in this version
    - Cleaning up the code to prepare for adding AI Covert Ops
    - Adding in more traps and safety checks
    - Added a more "fiery" version of the Arsonist unit

    One thing to watch for while testing: I've seen a few odd instances where the Covert Ops Launch button temporarily stops working. I'm having difficulty reproducing the problem on a consistent basis....