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Cross-Platform Civ3 Editor 1.35

A custom Civ3 scenario editor that expands on the possibilities of the original

  1. Civinator
    Version: 1.34
    This editor is an excellent work! The enlarged 180 K cultural victory in CCM2 wouldn´t be possible without this editor and the import of maps with a different order of resources with the same name for me worked like charm.
  2. Vuldacon
    Version: 1.21
    Excellent Work
  3. Rômulo Prado
    Rômulo Prado
    Version: 1.07
    Excelente, um editor muito poderoso. Vale a pena fazer o download.
    Excellent, a very powerful editor. Worth to download.
  4. tom2050
    Version: 1.07
    Very excellent resource, easy to use. Quintillus provides updates, and information, and is the only editor I use nowadays