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Cross-Platform Civ3 Editor 1.30

A custom Civ3 scenario editor that expands on the possibilities of the original

  1. Version 1.30

    Version 1.30 is now available! The main feature in this version is the ability to disable checking for the Phantom Resource Bug, as well as Infinite Unit Upgrades, in the Settings area.

    This version also gives access to an experimental new Histograph.
  2. Version 1.29

    Version 1.29 fixes a few bugs, improves integration with OS X, and (in the Windows-specific variant) allows setting the editor as the default .biq editing program on your system. See the thread for full details.
  3. Version 1.28

    Version 1.28 adds filters to the Building tab, and also enhances all filters (including tech and unit) to allow filtering by the != property.
  4. Version 1.27

    Version 1.27 adds Charm support for units, and significantly enhances the power of tech/unit filter queries. See the details in the thread and the updated Help documentation for the filters.

    Note that this is a Java 8 build; if you already have Java 11, you will want to either stay with 1.26 Mac in the interim, or "Windows XP-ize" this new version.
  5. Version 1.26

    Version 1.26 adds the ability to replace Civilizations in a save game file with updated civ information.

    There is also a Mac version, with details available in post #1040.
  6. Version 1.25

    Version 1.25 adds notices about incompatibilities with Java 11, which shipped earlier today.

    It also includes advise on how to keep using the editor while work on an update to address Java 11 related issues is in progress.
  7. Version 1.24

    This version fixes two minor bugs, one introduced in 1.23 that would append duplicate ".biq"s to the file name on save, and another older one related to adjusting safety levels.
  8. Version 1.23

    Version 1.23 brings the first iteration of a system for patching SAV games with updated rules, speeds up the BMP to BIQ process, and fixes a couple minor bugs. See the forum thread for full details.
  9. Version 1.22

    Version 1.22 adds one new feature, fixes one bug, and improves performance on one area.

    - Units are now displayed in civ-specific color on the map.
    - Fix a bug where adding a new unit, and then dragging-and-dropping it, causes the unit list to freeze up.
    - Reduce memory use while loading a BIQ by 40-50%
  10. Version 1.21

    Version 1.21 fixes several bugs, including one important one when there is custom player data, and several more esoteric ones for when there is no custom player data, but is a custom player map. It also makes the map more robust, so that a map error does not prevent the map from being viewed. See the thread for full details.