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Dawn Of The Overlords Doto 1.11

First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. Doto 1.11

    - updated to advc 1.07 - removed super forts - too much code that slowed game down. - re added...
  2. Doto 1.10

    - new game option: City States - advc 106 -> comes with many fixes and unique UI resolution...
  3. Updated to AdvCiv 1.01

    important fixes and tweaks.
  4. Doto 1.09

    this build included the Final AdvCiv mod of version 1.00. also there are plenty of bug fixes...
  5. Dawn of the Overlords 1.08

    Doto 108 brief change list: updated to advc version 100 - pre release 28052021 added wonder...
  6. Dawn of the Overlords 1.07

    includes numerus code improvements from advc. ranged immunity original mod for ranged units...
  7. Dawn of the Overlords 1.06

    version 106 of Dawn of the Overlords modmod of Advanced Civ Kmod AI enhanced by f1rpo...
  8. Doto 1.05

    Updated Doto with advciv 097b. many bug fixes. some new options added (idw) removed ranged...
  9. Doto- Advc 1.04

    version 104 brings extensive changes to game play: - religions -no unique religion,only 1...
  10. Doto-Advc 1.03 plus hotfix

    added hot fixes from advc additions: sevopedia issue AI trade Carrack Issue (settler_sea)
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