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Dawn Of The Overlords Doto 1.06

Dawn Of The Overlords

  1. Dawn of the Overlords 1.06

    version 106 of Dawn of the Overlords modmod of Advanced Civ Kmod AI enhanced by f1rpo.

    --complete overall of the DLL codes by f1rpo.
    --improvements to existing mods of Doto
    --many many bug fixes, crashes and optimizations of gameplay.
    --new Ranged Attack mechanism - still in Dev Stage but can play with.
    --new game options

    enjoy and please provide feedback.
  2. Doto 1.05

    Updated Doto with advciv 097b.
    many bug fixes.
    some new options added (idw)
    removed ranged attack from 104(re add in a patch maybe).
  3. Doto- Advc 1.04

    version 104 brings extensive changes to game play:
    - religions -no unique religion,only 1 forbidden religion, added 1 more religion
    -ranged attack- siege units and sea units now act as ranged attack units
    with a mechanism from VIP mod.
    -air strikes, bombards, now have random chance of hit.
    -numerous important fixes from advc mod
    -many tweaks and changes
    -game start with 2 settlers
  4. Doto-Advc 1.03 plus hotfix

    added hot fixes from advc additions:

    sevopedia issue
    AI trade
    Carrack Issue (settler_sea)
  5. Doto-Remastered Advc v1.02

    new version 1.02 :

    many advanced civ fix commits.
    fixed hermitage
    added a must have state religion for all temples and religions
    each civ can found 1 of 2 religions
    each civ are forbidden to convert to only 2 religion (was over 5 per civ)
    reduced religion and holy victory religion demand to 50% - due to my religion system
    added limited religion python mod - not sure it works properly, played a game , it did not autoconverted me to the religion,
    but, i was...
  6. update files to version 1

    this fix is for those who downloaded version 1 so they wont have to download full 1.01.
  7. Fixed no Fresh water

    i forgot to change something that caused no fresh water....

    does not break savegames
  8. Doto Advanced Civ Remastered- v1

    Remastered - version 1