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Different Space Terrain 2016-10-05

Different Space Terrain

  1. sepamu92

    Hello all. I know there already are a few space terrain mods out there, but they didn't work the way I wanted them to, so I made this one. Unlike most other space mods, the "Space" terrain isn't represented by ocean. Instead, all main terrain is land. Feel free to pick this apart however you wish, since I've made it from basically anything I could find.

    Spoiler Terrain :
    Grassland = Space
    Bonus Grassland = a small asteroid (be sure to turn on "Show Food and Shields on Map" to show properly)
    LM Grassland = unchanged space

    Plains = Terran/Terrestrial Planet
    LM Plains = unchanged terran planet, looks the same
    Forest = Rock Planet (use only on plains)
    LM Forest = Ice Planet (use only on plains)
    Mountains = Gas Planets
    Snow-Capped Mountains = Ringed Gas Planet
    LM Mountains = Brown Dwarf

    Hills = Asteroids
    Jungle = Comets (Kuiper Belt, etc)
    Tundra = Nebula

    Marsh = Main-Sequence Star
    Desert = Neutron Star
    Flood Plain = Pulsar (be sure to turn on "Show Food and Shields on Map" to show properly)
    Volcano = Red Giant (eruption is a cropped version of Smoking mirror's antimatter missile)
    LM Desert = Black Hole

    Coast = Dark Matter
    Sea = Dense Dark Matter
    Ocean = Superdense Dark Matter

    River = Moon

    Road = Gray Space Lane
    Railroad = Blue Warp Lane
    Mine = a centered version of the Mine from other space mods
    Irrigation = Orbital Farms

    Goody Huts = Ancient Space Probes

    Cities = Transparent
    Walled Cities = Red Satellites

    Spoiler A solar system with a blue star :

    Spoiler A neutron star, a red giant, and a pulsar (graphics determined by tnt.pcx) :

    Spoiler Some nebulae, and a black hole :

    Spoiler My "dark matter" (water squares); turn up your brightness if it's hard to see :

    Please report any bugs you find. Enjoy :)