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District Cost Mod 3.00

Changes district cost to scale based on the number of identical districts already built

  1. Summer Patch Update

    Summer Patch Update
  2. Balance Changes

    See main page for full description, but basic changes from v0.2 are:

    (1) Set the increase per copy to 5/12 the original rather than adjusted cost, which means 25 hammers for most districts;

    (2) Changed the special district discount to 1/3 instead of 1/2 so it's not quite as OP (for Germany in particular).

    Main page has the updated list by district, and forum will have a post on my thought process.
  3. District costs increase with number--balance update


    * Base district cost is now multiplied by the era of the tech or civic required to produce it;
    * Costs increase per copy at the rate of 1/6th the new base cost for 1 per city districts, and 1/12th for multiple per city districts (i.e., neighborhoods).

    With harbors and commercial districts at 60 + 10 per copy, it was just too easy to spam cities with both, creating 2 trade routes and giving a trade destination that gave +4 production just from those 2 improvements alone. Add that...