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Dracula of Transylvania 2016-10-05

Besieged on all sides, Vladimir of Transylvania, surnamed the Impaler, seeks to preserve his mountain principality from the Tyrks to the south, from the Tartars in the east, and from the Hungarian Kings on the Danube. Lacking resources for the task, Vlad has made an unholy alliance with the forces of of Darkness. The Transylvanian Prince has become one with the night, and Vampyrs, fiends born of slaughter and thirsty for the blood of the living, will appear and render service to Vlad. The foes of Transylvania are many, and it is rumored that even nature itself will strike out at the mountain lord, so terrible is the price that has been paid. Called by the Tyrks Dracul or Dracula (meaning Dragon), Vlad now seeks to stave off the unyielding assaults of his enemies by defeating their armies and laying waste to their lands, impaling both soldiers and peasants alike, and leaving only grotesque fields of the tortured dead, held aloft by the impaling spikes.
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