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Early Sailing Ships 2016-10-05

Early Sailing Ships

  1. Refar
    Various Sailing Ships for Civ4, most of them from the early age of sail.
    Converted from Empire Earth 2 by Walter Hawkwood and me.

    Carrack (With multiple national textures by Walter Hawkwood)
    3 more merchant or cargo ship variants.

    (For many of them there are alternative textures with different team-color

    Animated with damage textures. FX and NonShader version and buttons inculded.
    Teamcolored. Each < 1500 Polygones (most of them a lot less); 256x256 Diffuse Textures and 256x128 Damage. Should be fine for any Civ4 purposes.

    Scale around 0.22 (will be needing adjustment to ship type / mod context / personal taste)
    The <NIF> should be the normal *.nif <ShaderNif> the *_FX.nif
    Use included animation (KFM) with every unit.
    The PapyrusBoat and the WhalingBoat are animated to fire forward, rather than broadside. Use <fExchangeAngle>0.0</fExchangeAngle> to account for this (and probably increase battle distance). Compare the Submarines ArtDefine for reference.

    Credits: Walter Hawkwood - Conversion of the Nif's from EE2, Texture (re)Coloration and national variants. Refar - Minor model adjustment (Sails, Guns, Glitches...) and Animation.

    Use it for Civ4 Mods as you see fit. Remember to give proper credit.



    1. ee2_sailing_buttons_2GU.jpg
    2. ee2_sailing_picture_366.jpg
    3. ee2_sailing_preview_6Lp.jpg