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Even More Resources for Vox Populi (v 8)

Additional resources, on top of the ones added by Vox Populi.

  1. v 8

    - Fixed Tin not having a monopoly bonus.
  2. v 7

    - Backend: No longer overrides VP's AssignStartingPlots.lua. Changes to the lua now directly within VP.

    - Added compatibility with Spain's new improvement, Hacienda. Will work with the VP version which comes after 01/12/20.
  3. v 5

    - Sulfur and Obsidian now correctly unlock Stone Works.
    - Luxuries now correctly unlock Corporations.
    - Backend: When farms are removed, the original continent type for the plot is restored. Works across save games.
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  4. v 4

    - Fixed incompatibility with custom civs, potentially causing UBs to gain yield bonus for all resources of this mod.
    - Fixed incompatibility with Enlightenment Era, causing Tavern's food bonus for wheat to become a gold bonus.
    - Enlightenment Era's Tavern now grants the food bonus to rice and maize as well.
    - Increased Poppy great person modifier from monopoly from 10% to 25%.
  5. v 3

    - Fixed incompatibilities with some mods (disabled trigger which updates text string).
    - Fixed Research Lab description text.
    - Fixed Platinum unlocking at the wrong technology (should be Mining).
    - Fixed some database errors relating to Lead, Platinum, and Titanium (due to missing defines for the HEAVY and MARSH art variations).
    - Platinum monopoly now +10% science instead of +10% gold.
  6. v 2

    - Fixed bug with IGE not loading correctly.
    - Fixed bug where Songhai Tabya required an Obsidian or Sulfur in the city.