1. K

    [BNW] Kevvy's Modpack

    Kevvy's Modpack This modpack is available on Steam. Either search there for 'Kevvy's Modpack' or go here: A collection of simple mods that buff weak game components. Base benefits remain unless stated otherwise. Currently modded...
  2. washy

    Modifiyng the Top-panel for having more than 10 resources

    I managed to import a new top-panel with 12 spaces for resources, but you can expand ir even more. Keep in mind that 0 is Always, Money and 1 is always Orders from 2 to 8 now you can add 2 resources that you can buy and sell <loop start="2" end="8" placeholder="@">...
  3. K

    Kevvy's Modpack 2022-12-21

    Kevvy's Modpack This modpack is available on Steam. Either search there for 'Kevvy's Modpack' or go here: A collection of simple mods that buff weak game components. Base benefits remain unless stated otherwise. Currently modded...
  4. Hinin

    Poll - Allow all Unique Improvements on resource tiles

    Hello everyone, After some discussions about unique improvements with @Milae, the idea of allowing every unique improvement to be constructed on resource tiles (with only some improving them) was raised. Since it is an interest subject to debate about, I decided to create a thread on the...
  5. J

    production of units from earlier eras

    There is an option, maybe a mod that allows you to produce units from an earlier era. For example, instead of a modern tank, it is a regular tank, etc.
  6. SkipperXIV

    [GRAPHICS] Skipper's Resource Buttons

    Hey all! I'm happy to announce my new mod, Skipper's Resource Buttons! I threw it together pretty quickly and the images I used aren't the best quality, but I'm proud I got it to work so quickly. I welcome any and all feedback (especially with finding better images) and I hope you enjoy!!
  7. SkipperXIV

    Skipper's Resource Buttons 1.0.0

    Have you ever looked at the button for Iron, Dye, or Marble, and wondered what the heck you're looking at? Then this mod is for you! Now you can tell what a resource is at a quick glance, and enjoy a better-looking resource-hunting experience!
  8. L

    No copper anywhere!?

    So I just started playing this mod for the first time recently, and I've been having some problems. In both of my matches so far I got well into the ancient era without finding any source of copper. As in, no copper anywhere on the continent, even the AI factions don't have any. I've found tin...
  9. I

    Question about resource consumption by buildings

    It is possible for buildings to require a resource in order to be built, the classic example being the hydro plant. However, losing your last aluminum or your only source of aluminum (mine is pillaged, city with mine is lost etc) does not have any negative effect on the hydro plant. So in...
  10. K

    Civilization Trade Window doesnt show resources and doesnt work in general

    Hi, I hope this is the right place to post this, I havent used this Forum before. I wanted to try out the Community patch and Balance overhaul. When i wanna try to trade with another civilization I am shown all strategy resources and luxury resources but when i click on them nothing happens...
  11. Zegangani

    [NFP] Industry/Corporations Mode is comming!

    With the Newest NFP Updates, Firaxis implemented New Tables in the GameplayShema of the game, that aren't yet used (empty). In the latest NFP Mode, the Heroes Mode, they implimented some Hero Mode Tables into the Base Game (without having the Babylon Pack/Exp1 or 2). But another Table was added...
  12. sman1975

    SMAN's The Ancient World at War (AWAW) V.0

    NOTE: the version of the mod in the download area is a very early, experimental and buggy version and should never be downloaded. Ever... I have finally finished the V0.0 version of the mod, and it is downloadable on Steam at:
  13. sman1975

    New Resources Question

    Hello, I'm trying to add some new Resources to the game, bringing together the disparate efforts of several modders. Looking at the legacy code, I've noticed there are two tables that are confusing me: 1. Resource_FeatureBooleans 2. Resource_FeatureTerrainBooleans Both have the same schema...
  14. Zegangani

    Making Resources Much more Useful and Fun!

    Resources in Civ 6 always seemed somehow incomplete, and Firaxis could have got more out of them. They are only useful when you need amenities for your Cities (And sometimes when The AI wants to trade with them), and Yields. That's it!! I'm currently working on some Mods that focus mainly on...
  15. Zegangani

    Lua function/code to disable the ability to produce a Unit

    I'm currently working on a Mod that makes Units require multiple resources (for Costs and Maintenance, for example: Unit_A requires 10 Iron, 10 Coal and consumes 1 Niter, and 1 Coal per turn). To get this on a New Table: is not a big Deal. Make the Resources consumed by the Game (via Lua): can...
  16. Zegangani

    [SOLVED] A Farmer Unit That Plants Resources

    Inspired by AOM's Botanist Mod I wanted to create a Farmer Unit that can Plant Resources (Without gathering them). So Far, I got that to work! Now I want to specify the Mechanic of planting the resources, like some Resources can only be planted by a specific Civilization (TraitType) and having a...
  17. Zegangani

    [GS] Help to Create a New Table (with Lua?)

    I want to add a new table for Buildings (and maybe also for Units) that would require multiple resources cost and maintenance, ie: Buildings_Requirements (BuildingType, MainResourceType, MainResourceCosts, SecondResourceType, SecondResourceCosts, MaintenanceRecourceType...
  18. Zegangani

    [GS] Making The Tooltip in Tech/CivicsTree show more Information for Buildings [Fixed]

    Hey Guys! I wanted to edit the tooltip in the Tech/CivicsTree of Buildings to show more informations (ie. Production Cost, Maintenance, ResourceCost...) just like the one of Units. I am new to lua and just starting to learn it, sp i got the tooltip to show the ProductionCost and the Maintenance...
  19. LFRANK

    Matching Resources to Specific Units

    So, was plowing toward an eventual win as Gaul and at one point realized my carefully managed oil-using units exceeded the amount of oil I was harvesting per turn. No big deal normally since its usually the last unit I created and easy to find. This time though I couldn't for the life of me find...
  20. Deljade

    Berries for VP 2.0

    Small scope mod that attempts to introduce a new bonus resource to Vox Populi in the most seamless way possible. A lot of attention in balance and map generation and icons. Requires VP (1) (2) and (5), works with either EUI or no-EUI. Extract Berries for VP (v 2) and place in your MODS folder...
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