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Event Signs [BTS Modcomp] [Python/XML] 2016-10-05

Event Signs [BTS Modcomp] [Python/XML]

  1. Dresden
    This is a very simple mod component which adds "landmark" signs to the map
    when an event which changes plot yields is triggered. For example, when the
    Truffles event happens, a sign will be placed on the affected plot noting
    the food and commerce increase as well as a short event identifier. It
    consists of 1 Python and 2 XML files; details on the changes below. This
    mod is designed for single-player BTS 3.17; compatibility with previous
    versions and/or multiplayer is unknown.

    The signs produced are the very same ones you can add yourself via ALT-S or
    the Strategy Layer "Sign" option. As such they can be easily removed if you
    find one getting in the way. One caveat is that if there is an existing sign
    already on that plot, the pre-existing sign will be left alone and nothing
    denoting the event will be added. However unless you really use a lot of
    signs yourself this will generally be a rare situation and should only occur
    on plots that are already visible to you. In such a case it would be easy to
    modify your old sign manually.

    Forum Topic: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=284609

    Current Version: 1.0

    See Image section for sample screenshot


    1. civ4_eventsignssmall_43M.jpg
    2. civ4eventsign_Z3l.jpg