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Exotic Units Pack V2

Adds some unusual units to the game

  1. Exotic Units Pack

    Summary of V2 Changes:

    1. Renamed all textures with unique names to prevent texture corruption with other mods
    2. Added updated Fireship unit graphics/animations - looks a lot more like a Fire Ship should
    3. Change artwork for Condottieri - used better "Italian" longswordsman models
    4. Fix Bowmaster team color model; looks less washed out
    5. Added the "Reaper" drone to the mod - a more powerful version of the Predator
    6. Added team color to the Predator model; nerfed Predator damage
  2. Exotic Units Pack (BETA) - V1 (Steam)

    Final version of V1, original BETA version released on Steam.
  3. Exotic Units Pack (BETA)

    Proposed final version of the mod (initial version, V1 that is).

    Adjusted Akkadian and Scythian Horse Archer units so they now require horses.

    Other text/civilopedia adjustments made to complete the changes.

    Barbs/City States can now use some merc units: Rabble (ancient), Ghazi (classical), Condottieri (Renaissance), Guerilla (Modern), and Private Mil Contractors...
  4. Exotic Units Pack (BETA)

    Final 3 units of the mounted ranged class added.

    Not 100% sure about "stability" as I haven't ran any extended test games on the mod.

    Caveat emptor....

    Will be cleaning this version the next day or so - stress testing and fixing a bunch of "nits..."

    - Have ran several 700+ turn games, mod seems stable.
    - Have fixed all the Civilopedia and other text entries, as well as fixing a few inconsistencies throughout the mod. After this round of testing is completed, will make any...
  5. Exotic Units Pack (BETA)

    Temp upload.

    Adds the "Merc Function" that processes merc unit life cycles for both the human player and the AI.

    Also adds 3 units (with 3 more to come tomorrow) as part of a ranged mounted class.

    I expect a new version to be uploaded with the last 3 units added, and after quite a bit more mod testing.
  6. Exotic Units Pack (BETA)

    This is the final version of the mod, "content-wise." All units are added: 4 Camel, 4 Elephant, and 31 mercenary units.

    May be some tweaks coming, but for the most part this mod is more or less complete with respect to content.

    Now work begins on the "merc function" - the LUA code that will manage the mercenary unit life cycle. Too soon to document the exact scope of that function, but hopefully it will be available for testing soon.
  7. Exotic Units Pack (BETA)

    New merc units added:

    1. Fighting Admiral - Great admiral with melee attack
    2. Lil' Bombard - big, slow siege unit
    3. Great Bombard - bigger, slow siege unit
    4. Condottieri - melee
    5. Cavalier - mounted melee
    6. Wild Geese - mounted melee, good against cavalry
    7. Corsair - naval melee, privateer capabilities
    8. War Junk - naval ranged
    9. Land Ironclad - melee, first armor unit
    10. Zeppelin - hovering ranged air unit
    11. Gurkha - melee, can cross impassable terrain
    12. Guerrillas - melee,...
  8. Exotic Units Pack (BETA)

    Latest update, with the following merc units added:

    1. Battle Galley, naval ranged
    2. Barque, naval melee
    3. Rabble, low-cost melee
    4. Ghazi, melee
    5. Madyan Archers, ranged
    6. Spartan Hippeis, mounted
    7. Dhow, naval melee
    8. Fire Ship, naval melee
    9. Thalai Thirvai (Fighting Admiral), naval ranged

    All have been tested and worked so far. Haven't yet ran extended LiveTuner to test for stability/utilization.

    The Fire Ship still needs some tweaking. Not happy with its animation and other...
  9. Added the Merc Support buildings

    Added 7 buildings that in the future will be required to purchase mercenaries.

    Currently, there will be 8 buildings (one for each era) - the 7 added here plus the Harbor - will be required in a city before any of the future merc units can be added.

    There are 4 buildings for merc land units, and 4 for sea.
  10. Initial version, more or less complete

    Initial version (V1) with the Camel and Pachyderm class of units included.

    A total of 8 units, 5 buildings, and 7 promotions make up this mod.

    Other rules changes, QOL features, and room for growth included.