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Fall from Heaven 2016-10-05

Why can i download it, but not have it show up when i start the game?
I think someone from the team should publicly release one of the later versions of FFH2 Fire :)

I think that'd cover all the bases (FFH1, FFH2 Fire, and FFH2 Final)
Where do i put this on vista?:confused:
Ive been hoping for you to make a normal version of version 2 but this will have to do
good job with it
Coudn't you set an option in the configuration under the Fall From Heaven mod folder that disables custom assets? This could be a BTS thing.

Is there a 1.74 version, warlords 2.13, or BTS 3.17?
once its installed then what??
I wonder how it compares to FFH-2
lol sounds cool but i cant download it lol
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