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Fall from Heaven 2016-10-05

Fall from Heaven
Version 1.00g (updated 12/17/2006)

[tab] This Mod requires Civilization 4 patch 1.61 to play. Save games will not work between versions.

[tab]Fall from Heaven is a Fantasy based mod that brings more focus on the Religion and Promotion aspects of Civilization 4. Toward that end there are unique religion units, increased XP, unit upgrades that last throughout the entire game (a Scout can be upgraded to a Hunter, then to an Assassin, then to a Shadow). Promotions have had their effect increased and many new promotions have been added. The Tech Tree, Units, Religions, Buildings and Civics have all been rebuilt from the ground up.

[tab]Spells have been added to the game including Cure Disease (Removes the Diseased and Plagued negative promotions that spread in the game), Fireball, Bless (gives the units a moderate strength increase until their next battle), Vialize the land (upgrades the terrain) and the ability to Summon Fire Elementals and Demons.

[tab]Enjoy the Mod, and I invite feedback so that I can make it better. Please feel free to respond in this thread or Private PM me on or My name is Kael on both forums.

- Kael

Major Contributors:

[tab]Woodelf- Ideas and Playtesting (facing the bugs of FFH so you don't have to)
[tab]Loki1232- Coming up with more good ideas than I could implement in a lifetime.
[tab]C.Roland- Amazing art on tons of unit skins and buildings.
[tab]Chalid- Idea, design and art for the system that changes the cities to reflect the state religion.
[tab]Corlindale- Tech quotes.
[tab]Wilboman- Unit pedia entries.
[tab]Haarbal- Made a set of excellent Fantasy Civilizations for this mod.

Version History:

[tab]0.5 Released Friday December 16th, 2005. 959 Downloads.
[tab]0.6 Released Friday December 23rd, 2005. 2,119 Downloads.
[tab]0.7 Released Friday December 30th, 2005. 4,647 Downloads.
[tab]0.8 Released Friday January 13th, 2006. Lost count, 10,000+ downloads.
[tab]0.9 Released Friday January 27th, 2006.
[tab]0.95 Released Friday February 17th, 2006.
[tab]1.0 released Thursday April 13th, 2006.

My Favorite Post:


How do I load this mod?

[tab]Run the 'FallfromHeaven100g.exe' file. It will default to the default path for the english install of Civ4. If you have it installed on a different location you will need to change it to your location.

The game crashes to the desktop when it is trying to load, whats wrong?

[tab]Civilization patch 1.61 is required to run this mod. If you don't have it you will have the error described. To get the 1.61 patch for Civ 4 select the advanced option on the main Menu and then choose the Updates option.

I get tons of XML errors when I try to load the mod, whats wrong?

[tab]Most likely you have some files in your CustomAssets directory that are conflicting with Fall from Heaven. To resolve this rename your CustomAssets directory (defaults to 'My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\CustomAssets') to 'CustomAssets.old'. The game will create a new empty CustomAssets the next time it loads.

Is there any strategy help available?

[tab]CurtisC has been good enough to offer some advice at the following location:

Is there a premade map for this mod?

[tab]Good Sauce was good enough to make a pair of FfH specific maps that you can find here:

1. Fantasy Map by Good Sauce

2. FfH Fantasy Map 2 by Good Sauce

[tab]Starship also made an excellent scenerio based on the classic straetgy game Warlords that you can find here:

1. Battlefield Illuria by Starship

Why can't I select some of the civics like Arete, Sacrifice the Weak, Guardian of Nature, Social Order or Slavery?

[tab]Each of those Civics has a State religion requirement. The state religion that is required for each is:

[tab]Arete: Runes of Kilmorph
[tab]Sacrifice the Weak: The Ashen Veil
[tab]Guardian of Nature: Fellowship of Leaves
[tab]Social Order: The Order
[tab]Slavery: Octopus Overlords

I want to expore the wilderness longer but it disseapears to fast, is there anything I can do to fix that?

[tab]I usually play a few civs short of the normal map size. That means more wilderness to expore and the wilderness stays around a bit longer. We are hoping to address this in FfH2 by adding a Hell map that opens up midgame and adding some special wilderness areas that are more difficult to settle.

I decided to play for a little bit before I went to bed, then I noticed the sun was coming up. What happened?

[tab]Welcome to Civilization. If you buy your boss a copy of the game he might not notice when you come wandering into work half asleep.

We appreciate the mod, is there anything we can do to reimburse you for this work?

[tab]Just make sure you are actually paying for your copy of Civilization 4. The folks at Firaxis have created an amazing game that makes all this possible (and so much more, we are just at the tip of the iceberg). Make sure they get paid so they can continue to make more awesome games like this.

What was changed in this version?

[tab]Click the spoiler button to see everything that was changed in 1.0.

Spoiler :
Change List for 1.0


*1. Errors when selecting a tech on the tech screen.
*2. Errors when attempting to change your state religion on the religious screen.
*3. Sometimes size 0 cities are produced when you are using the Conquest civic.
*4. CTD caused by taking a city with the conquest civic.
*5. CTD caused by the Order spreading to a city and attempting to create a Disciple of the Order (which no longer exists).
*6. CTD caused by building a new building in a city that contains a Temple of the Veil (if the temple is displayed at 90 degrees).
*7. CTD caused by a barbarian unit with the Immortal promotion dying (he has no capital to return to).
*8. Buildings can now give negative commerce values.
*9. Rangers, Druids and Beastmasters can board ships. (reported by Furin, I had to take away their ability to cross peaks to fix this)
*10. Expansive and Philosophical traits now correctly pay upkeeps for their associated civic categories.
*11. Fixed an error with an incorrectly linked Order song. (reported by Kevjm)
*12. Spells are no longer selected automatically after they were cast, it was causing problems in multiplayer games.
*13. Removed any use of the random function, it was causing Out of Sync errors in multiplayer games.
*14. Fireballs from Arcane Barges don't start fortified. (reported by Chalid)
*15. Werewolves no longer turn fireballs into wereflamers. (reported by Xuenay)


*1. Added the Arcane Barge (ship that can fireball and carry 1 land unit).
*2. Added the Marksman promotion (units with this promotion attack the weakest unit in a stack instead of the strongest).

Balance Changes:

*1. The Drown can travel through Coast tiles.
*2. Fireballs and Meteors can now travel on Land and Sea.
*3. Animals aren't deleted when barbarians appear.
*4. Crusaders aren't generated when a city is lost to unrest.
*5. Spell combat ends instantly.
*6. Humanism civic reduced from High to Medium Upkeep.
*7. Great Lighthouse increased from 200 to 600 cost. (recommended by The Bramble)
*8. Apocalypse increased from 500 to 5000 cost. (recommended by Lunargent)
*9. Ancient Temple no longer gives a negative food amount.
*10. The Drown cost raised from 60 to 90.
*11. All Domain Sea units were made immune to disease. (since right now you can't cast cure disease on them)
*12. Captured Lion, Wolf, Tiger and Panther need a Carnival before they can build pens in a city. (reported by Webrider)
*13. Gate to the Abyss removed.
*14. Conjurers and Mages reduced from 4 to 3 strength.
*15. Archmages and Demon Summoners reduced from 7 to 4 strength.
*16. Only living units will recieve the Immortal promotion from Blood of the Phoenix.
*17. The AI will no longer use Mages and Adepts as collateral damage units.
*18. Galleon cargo increased from 3 to 4. (recommended by Miracle)
*19. Galleon speed decreased from 4 to 3. (recommended by Miracle)
*20. Galleon cost increased from 80 to 110. (recommended by Miracle)
*21. Privateer speed increased from 3 to 4. (recommended by Miracle)
*22. Privateer given a 25% withdrawal rate. (recommended by Miracle)
*23. Queen of the Line cargo decreased from 7 to 6. (recommended by Miracle)
*24. Lumbermill changed from +1 Gold to +2 Gold when beside a river. (recommended by Loki)
*25. The Great Commanders recruit ability now grants 4-6 recruits.
*26. Ravenous Werewolf strength lowered from 5 to 4 and given the Enraged promotion. (recommended by Aljayboy)
*27. Fireballs and Meteors are now Amphibious. (recommended by Belizan)
*28. Haste doesn't work on spells. (recommended by Belizan)
*29. Rosier the Fallen made immune to disease.
*30. Great Person Threshold Increase changed from 50 to 100.
*31. Added a chance to frist strike to the Commando promotion. (recommend by Loki)
*32. Replaced Kael Coalbane with Mardero. (Model created by White Rabbit)
*33. Replaced Maros with Sphener. (Model created by White Rabbit)
*34. Yggdrasil now gives +4 Culture instead of +4% culture. (recommended by TheJopa)
*35. Herbalist given a +10% to heal rate for units in that city. (recommended by TheJopa)
*36. Eidolon and Stygian Guard Medic1 promotions switched to March. (recommended by TheJopa)
*37. Arete gives 10% free units by population instead of 20% free military units by population. (recommended by naf4ever)
*38. Military State gives 20% free units by population instead of 20% free military units by population. (recommended by naf4ever)
*39. Republic Civic % Anger reduced from 400 to 100, culture boost increased from 10 to 20%.
*40. Military discipline now goves -25% War Weariness. (recommended by naf4ever)
*41. Dungeons War Weariness increased from -25% to -50%. (recommended by naf4ever)
*42. Liberty now gives +2 free specialists.
*43. Removed duplicate animals.
*44. Halved production costs on Carnivals for Creative leaders. (recommended by CurtisC)
*45. Blocked AI from building barracks if they dont have copper.
*46. Remove building hapiness interactions. (TheJopa reported they weren't working as intended)
*47. Stables now require Horses.
*48. It only costs 130 gold to upgrade a slave to a lunatic instead of 250. (recommended by naf4ever)
*49. The Seafaring trait now grants the amphibious promotion to melee units. (recommended by Kevjm)
*50. Added the Marksman ability to the Marksman unit, lowered its strength from 12 to 10, lowered its first striked from 2 to 1 and removed the Blitz promotion.


*1. Horseman picture in the build bar is no longer an Immortal. (reported by AljayBoy)
*2. Cleaned up some tech quotes (recommended by erikg88)
*3. New Beast of Agares button icon.
*4. New building model for the Carnival. (created by C.Roland)
*5. New art for the Avatar of Wrath. (created by C.Roland)
*6. New building skin for Tower of Eyes and Archery Range. (created by C.Roland)
*7. Added the list of the allowed and disallowed objects for each religion on the religion pedia entry.
*8. Spell descriptions added for a lot of the promotions. (ability to put descriptions on promotions added by Talchas)
*9. T4 units now have the city name added to their name when built "Paladin of Thariss". (recommended by Chalid)
*10. New models for the Dwarven Soldier, Stygian Guard, Ravenous Werewolf, Blooded Werewolf and Greater Werewolf. (created by Rabbit, White)
*11. Seafaring tech is given as a free tech instead of as part of the Seafaring trait. (allowed me to simplify some code)
*12. FfH specific hints added. (written by Miracle)
*13. French translation provided by Jean Francois.
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