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Female Ancient Vietnamese Soldiers 2016-10-05

Female Ancient Vietnamese Soldiers

  1. SaibotLieh
    This is a set of female Vietnamese soldiers requested by phungus420 to be used in his mod Legends of Revolution. Forum entry for this units here.
    The polycount is below 1000 for all footunits and about 1100 for the horseunit. The basic model used for all units is the asian female settler, the necessary animation files are included. The unit's animations are fully voiced female.
    To fit the artstyle of phungus' units, some modifications of the settler skin were made. If they should be redone, exchange the asian_settler_female_128.dds file with the clean_asian_settler_female_128.dds and paint the unit's gloss file black.

    Edit: Now also with war elephants! ;)

    Edit2: And now also with buttons.


    1. fightingvietnamesewoman_5y0.jpg
    2. femaleasianwarelephants_lt3.jpg