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FfH2 - AR 1 Winter's End 2016-10-05

Sucellus has been reborn! The perpetual winter brought about by his death and the icy Mulcarn's influence has mostly receded again to its arctic home. Man, in all of its forms, begins to creep forth from the safe havens it created to survive the Ice Age.

Winter's End uses a large map (120x60) and is designed for the excellent fantasy modpack, Fall from Heaven 2 (version 0.15). You can get more information about the mod in this thread, and download the modpack and patches from there as well.

This scenario begins during the first year of the Age of Rebirth. Fifteen civilizations have emerged from the safe havens they used to survive the ice age to discover a vastly changed world inhabited by fearsome creatures and roaming barbarian goblin-folk.

Will the people of these tribes be able to survive the harshness of the renewed world?

Playable civilizations:
Kandros Fir of the Khazad
Beeri Bawl of the Luchuirp
Perpentach of the Balseraphs
Capria of the Bannor
Valledia the Even of the Amurites
Tebryn of the Sheaim
Hannah the Irin of the Lanun
Alexis of the Calabim
Faeryl Viconia of the Svartalfar
Arendel Phaedra of the Ljosalfar
Tasunke of the Hippus
Cardith Lorda of the Kuriotates
Jonas Endain of the Clan
Charadon of the Doviello
Cassiel of the Grigori

Unlike a normal game, there are barbarian animals, goblins, and even a few more advanced units roaming the map from the beginning of the game. Take caution while exploring!

1. 08/14/2006
...Drastically reduced the chances of early barbarian worg riders.
2. 08/14/2006
...Minor tweaks to Calabim, Ljosalfar starting locations.
...Minor tweaks to a few bonus locations.
...Moved a bear off a peak.
3. 09/20/2006
...A few minor tweaks all over the place
...Updated to FfH v0.15k
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