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Fixed Borders mod (for RoM 2.8) 2016-10-05

Fixed Borders mod (for RoM 2.8)

  1. dexy
    Version 3.0b2

    Requires Rise of Mankind 2.8, Civ IV BtS 3.19

    I've always had problem with culture dependent borders in modern times. So in my mod - they are not changeable by culture, only by military occupations and city trading (in modern times, which means specific civics needed).

    Units have new command "claim territory" that you can apply in an enemy territory. You claim it, next turn the plot is inside your borders. In order to recapture it, enemy must place his forces on that plot and do the same ("claim territory").

    When capturing cities, you get all the territory that the city 'provides' to its original owner. So when you're at war with someone and capture all his cities, you will get ALL his territory, up to the last plot (there's only one exception to this rule - the tiles that are not 'provided' by cities, but claimed by force can remain in the old civ, but for sure they can't go to other neighboring civ that is neutral in war). In order to keep all this territory you need only the military force. No neighbor of his that is at peace with both sides can benefit from the war. If someone wants that territory – he must declare war and capture it or trade for it (city trading, like in normal game).

    During a war, if a tile has more of your tiles surrounding it than the enemy’s, it is claimed automatically, if no enemy units are defending it. This makes the borders less shredded at the end of war.

    Before having modern civics, the game acts as before (i.e. the culture defines borders) and once a player has the necessary civics all of his territory becomes ‘fixed’, no one can take it by culture means anymore and his units get the new command to execute when in enemy territory (‘claim territory’). The player still culturally expands his borders over unoccupied territory and over nations that don’t have fixed borders (think of the Roman Empire that enforced its own borders, but influenced the surrounding tribes that had no solid state formed).

    The civics that switch between ‘fixed borders’ and cultural borders are defined in XML as of this version (this however has a drawback - savegames from plain RoM are not compatible with this mod :( ). By default, the following civics enforce fixed borders (you can change this in CIV4CivicInfos.xml):






    In order to have fixed borders, a player must have AT LEAST ONE of these civics options selected.

    AI has been thought to use ‘claim territory’ in favor of pillage and to prefer to claim the tiles close to its cities (plus to give priority to resource rich tiles).

    Installation instructions:

    YOU MUST HAVE BtS 3.19 AND Rise of Mankind 2.8 MOD INSTALLED BEFORE ADDING THIS MOD! I don’t distribute it with my mod, so find it on the forums.

    Just unpack the archive in the RoM assets folder, so that you overwrite the dll and a few python/XML files. If you have RoM 2.8 saves, they will NOT be loadable when you install this mod.

    Changes from version 3.0b1:
    - AI switches to Fixed Borders civics as soon as it can (priority among civics kept, just added one civic with fixed borders to be a must)

    Changes from version 2.0:
    - converted to RoM 2.8
    - fixed borders civics defined in XML
    - GUI: on leaderhead/civ mouse hover, info whether the player has fixed borders displayed

    Why still beta?
    Just because I haven't played enough games with it (RoM 2.8 is very slow on my comp :mad:). But AI autoplay seemed OK, finished several games without any crashing.


    Of course zappara for his brilliant mod Rise of Mankind (which includes many other mods and credits; see Rise of Mankind thread)