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Gizmonic Institute 2016-10-05

In the Not too distant future
(next Sunday A.D.)
There was this Guy named Joel...
Not too different from you or me
He Worked at Gizmonic Institute
Just another Guy in a Red jumpsuit
He did a good job cleaning up the place
But his bosses didnt like him so they shot him into space...

They send him cheesy movies(la la la)
The worst they can find (la la la)
they make him sit and watch them all
while they monitor his mind
...Now keep in mind Joel cant control when the movies begin or end
because he used those special parts
to make his robot friends...(robot Roll Call)
Cambot...Gypsy(hi girls)...Tom Servo(boy is he a kidder)...Crooooowww

You might wonder how he eats and breathes
and other science facts...
but repeat to yourself "it's just a show
And I should just relax"
On Mystery Science Theatre 3000

If you got down this far...I dont care if I messed up the words...thats how it plays in my head...
This is a wonder, and comes with 2 splashes
suggested use: increase luxury by 50%, doubles science in the city its in, makes 1 unhappy person(JOEL or Dave)
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