GoldenAge - Brave New World Version235

Overhauls, Tweaks, New features, Game expansion like RF&GS, Very interesting

  1. Version235

    Please move both the base and update patch of GA into your mod folder.
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  2. version 222

    Optimized Gift of Friendship game mode:

    Move Wonder victory game mode to Victory option.

    Rework 19 tech and civic boosts.

    Building expansion for Campus district is released!
    +9 new buildings. Explore more in game!

    Adjust AI cheating on food under Retirement game mode.
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  3. version 220


    Add new trade route policies for Food.

    Rework strategic resource policy series.

    Hero can retreat when dying.
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  4. version 219

    4 new WMDs: Missile, Nuclear Missile, Hydrogen Bomb, and Neutron bomb.

    No longer require Spaceport for WMD projects.

    Tweak Mapuche, Macedon, Sumeria, Babylon.

    Tweak Industry zone buildings.

    Specialists require 1 more food.

    Optimize strategic resource policy series.
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  5. version 218

    Rework T1 and T2 Government plaza buildings.

    Navy unit expansion: 7 new units. (No new icon yet, will add soon)

    New cheating: Unit pile up (removed from Total war mode)
    Fix the bug that units with movement exchange their position when pile up.

    Heroes: Remove promotion class to prevent being countered by normal units.

    Remove compatibility codes for Warfare Expanded mod series.
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  6. version 217


    Fix multiple bugs coupling with building expansion.

    Make cultural victory easier to achieve and clarify the cultural victory description.
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  7. version 216


    Building Expansion Patch 1 is released! 9 new Industrial Zone buildings! Explore them in game!
    (Compatible with JNR-Renewable energy complexity and can work without it since it has been broken since 2020/7)

    Subsequent changes for tech/civic boost, great engineer, Sweden following with new buildings.

    Tweak Specialist yields.
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  8. version 216


    Everyone can builds farm on tundra floodplain.

    Add preference setting for defensive improvements.

    Reduce outer defense strength for all levels of walls.

    Reduce early game difficulty and increase late game difficulty.

    Multiple bugs fixed.


    Split the 'Unit and Warfare' button into 'Unit' and 'Unit expansion'.

    In 'Unit expansion', add 15 land units to make sure one per era for each land promotion class. We will add Navy and Air units in short future.

    Remove Warfare Expanded...
  9. version 213


    Overhaul City state envoy bonus:
    1. Add 10 envoys bonus.
    2. Tweak 1,3,6 envoys bonus.
    3. Add game setting option for City state.

    Tweak Diplomatic quarter buildings.

    Add Routes game setting option.

    Add Range units counters Melee units well when not playing with Warfare Expanded.

    Fix the bug that game ends when entering future era. (standard speed 320→360 turns to 2050.)
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  10. version 212


    New preference setting: Era limitation
    New cheat setting: pack and move your city!

    Fix a bug that game cannot start with district module disabled.
    Fix a bug on starting site bias.
  11. version211


    Increase tech and civic cost to make sure the research progress doesn't surpass the calendar by far.

    Optimize the tech tree.

    Civilization rework for Kublai, Maori, Portugal, Scythia.

    Add housing limitation for retirement.

    Match Warfare expanded update.
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  12. version 210


    Fully modularization. (more game setting options)

    Temporarily close civilization and leader changes.


    Now fully compatible with the latest version!
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  13. version 208


    New game mode: City Policy

    Optimize the World War game mode.

    Optimize space projects.


    1. Delete ocean spawn for water resources.

    2. Two new pantheons.

    3. Buff Hermitage Museum, Sydney Opera House, and Taj Mahal

    4. New mechanic for Total War mode: Denouncement = Declaration of War

    5. Implement third party mods: City roads and Capture unique improvements (no operation needed if subscribed.)

    6. Fix minor bugs.
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  14. v206

    New game mode: Wonder Victory! Requires owning at least 1 world wonder from each era and completing projects in information and future era to win.

    Fix sea turtle bug by returning them into reef.
    Reduces reef and marsh base yield to 5 and allows resource spawn.

    Increase AI preference toward district and wonders.

    In the Military service and Retirement mode: you can no long retire Zombie into a citizen, AI get citizen growth rate and food (Total war mode) bonus.
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  15. version 205


    Increase Levy cost: 25% to 40%. Under MSR game mode: 40% to 60%.

    Add defensive improvements to games without zombie mode.

    New preference settings: City distance

    Bugs fixed:
    Fix game can not start without Appeal mode.
    Fix sea turtle Mass Biological Invasion.
    Other minor fix.
  16. version 204


    Now fully compatible with
  17. version 199


    8 New Military policies that help you conquer the world.

    Nerf Dark age policies in DA mode.

    Buff Air units.

    New preference settings: 1. No crazy-expansion punishment. 2. No free wall for city-states
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  18. version 198

    Add new preference settings.

    Bugs fixed.
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  19. version 197.4

    Fix no natural wonders on the map.
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  20. version 197.3

    Fix city panel cannot open.
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