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Great Person Mod for Warlords 2016-10-05

Great Person Mod for Warlords v. 1.01a

Updated to Warlords 2.08 by Gaurav. Please check out the forum thread for more information. Please note that this mod is about 103 MB when uncompressed.

Based on Great Person Mod with Renamer Mod by Patricius et al.
Includes NoNameRenamerMod by TheLopez
Includes CvPath and CvCustomEventManager by Dr. Elmer Jiggle
Artwork updated to Warlords by Amra

This real update for Warlords 2.08 includes the following new features:
  • Great Person Popup shows up with the other popups, at the correct time, even in multiplayer.
    It does not obscure the action during the other player's turns.
  • Better test (ok cheat...) code.
    Use ALT-SHIFT-G to create Great Engineer, CTRL-SHIFT-G to create Great General.
    Enabled by uncommenting lines in
  • CIV4UnitInfos.xml and all other Firaxis code updated to Warlords 2.08.
    No game balance changes will be reversed.
  • "Great Great General" bug fixed.
  • Updated to Jeckel's version for Warlords.
    No python errors from any civs not included in RenamerMod.
  • Included DEJ's Mod will work whether installed in MODS or CustomAssets.
  • No need to run any batch file.
Version 1.01a fixes the following issues brought up by LunarMongoose and jray:
  • Spelling errors in two GP art files.
  • Valmiki art file showing wrong GP type.
  • Joan d'Arc missing.
  • Jeanne d'Arc changed back to great prophet.
  • Snoopy, for starting this mod.
  • Patricius, for keeping it going, getting out a real working version, and for making this an all around awesome mod.
  • RobO for helping smooth out code of CustomEventManger.
  • TheLopez for NoNameRenamer mod.
  • Scottcstoness for his work on fixing pinkscreen problem.
  • Much thanks to Tableist and Alerum68 for helping find quotes.
  • Rabbit, White for various Great General images.
  • Amra, for updating to Warlords, adding additional GP names, new artwork.
  • Dr. Elmer Jiggle for CvPath and CvCustomEventManager.
  • Jeckel for update for Warlords.
  • jray for Art fixes

[size=+2]What this mod does:[/size]
Whenever a great person, such as a great artist or prophet is born in any of YOUR cities, a window will popup, showing you a picture and a quote from the great person. Also, when all unique names are used up, a civ-specific random name will be used with a generic picture. The Warlords version of this mod adds 135 new Great People with images & quotes as well as Great General images.

[size=+1]Note regarding Warlords version from Amra:[/size]
The additional 135 Great People that I have included are names and images that I use in my (Amra's) Modpack. As such, a select few of the new names may not be as well known and were included because they are a favorite writer, artist, etc of mine. If you don't want someone included in your personal game, then edit the CIV4UnitInfos.xml file with notepad to remove any of the new Great People you do not want. If you do not want any of the new great people, rename the file to CIV4UnitInfos.xml.bak to disable it.

I have included a template image in the Art\GreatPeople directory in case anyone wants to add their own Great People.

Known Issues:
Many of the images are not transparent.
First release
Last update
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