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Sevopedia 2.2a 2016-10-05

Sevopedia 2.2a

  1. Gaurav
    This is a real update to the Sevopedia. It is compatible with Warlords 2.08. It contains all changes made by both Progor and Ket.

    Changes in this version:
    • New Option: Show Civ Names For Unique (Enabled by Default)
    • New Option: Skip Blank Page (Disabled by Default)
    • New Option: Show Graphical Only (Disabled by Default)
    • New Option: Hide Identical (Disabled by Default)
    • All options enabled / disabled from CvGlobalDefinesAlt.xml
      Python editing no longer required just to set options.
    • Incorporated "Replaced by Mod" by TheLopez, but rewritten in Python.
      No DLL required to have this feature.
    • Better support for mods which set default units/buildings to NONE.
      Unique units and buildings will still be identified as such.
    • Civilization screen layout redesign to accomodate more unique units/buildings.
    • Era type shown on tech page.
    • Wonder class (World Wonder, Team Wonder, National Wonder) identified on Wonders page.
    • Miscellaneous layout improvements.
    • Support for <bGraphicalOnly> xml tag to hide arbitrary entries.
      Sample Civ4UnitSchema.xml provided, all other schemas would have to be written.
    • Python hook to add new custom filter options.

    For more information see the forum thread here.