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Greek Ancient Age Unit Pack 2016-10-05

Greek Ancient Age Unit Pack

  1. Bakuel
    Some flavor units for Greece's ancient age. Contains plenty of extra units and enough hoplites to make any persian think twice about invading Greece.

    A special thanks to Walter Hawkwood for providing most of the reference art these units are based on.

    Animation directions are inside of the zip.


    1. greekancientagepic1_2i5.jpg
    2. greekarcherpic1_rl4.jpg
    3. greekchariotpic1_ePC.jpg
    4. corinthianphalanxpic1_p16.jpg
    5. greekathenianphalanxpic1_EaN.jpg
    6. spartanphalanxpic1_285.jpg
    7. greekspearmanpic1_t27.jpg
    8. greekspartanswordsmanpic1_7nR.jpg
    9. greekthebanswordsmanpic1_W02.jpg
    10. greekthespianswordsmanpic1_0vZ.jpg
    11. greekhorsemanpic1_2q4.jpg
    12. greekhorsemanwidebrimedhatpic1_1qv.jpg
    13. greektharcianpeltastpic1_h0x.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. volbound1700
    Version: 2016-10-05
    File could use better explanation on what to put in the XML document. Units did not turn out right on initial pass because I did not know how to properly enter the XML file.