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Improved Water Yields 3

This mod overhauls Harbor adjacency bonuses and Harbor building yields.

  1. Adjacency Update

    Harbor adjacency bonus is now as follows: +2 Food and +1 Gold bonus for each adjacent City Center. +1 Food and +1 Gold for each adjacent coastal resource.

    Shipyard base production yield removed and now provides production equal to the Harbor's Gold adjacency bonus (reverted to Vanilla).
  2. Steam Workshop Update

    This has been uploaded to the Steam Workshop and is compatible with the Summer 2017 Update. See the mod overview page for the current list of features and changes.
  3. Update 1.3

    -added +2 gold adjacency bonus for building next to city center
    -removed minor district adjacency bonuses for balance
    -Seaport now also provides +1 food to Coast and Ocean tiles
    -Shipyard now also provides +1 food to sea resources
    -confirmed that changes also effect Lake tiles
  4. Update 1.2

    -Harbor district now increases Coast and Ocean terrain yields by +1 food
    -Shipyard now increases Coast and Ocean terrain yields by +1 gold (instead of just resources)
    -Harbor specialists have been changed (again) to 1f/1g/1p
    -The Naval Infrastructure and Economic Union policies have been updated to properly increase the Harbor's food adjacency bonus
  5. v1.1 update

    -Increased Harbor adjacency bonus to +2 food per sea resource
    -Updated Harbor specialist yield to 2 food/1 gold (was 2 gold/1 science)