Improved Water Yields

Improved Water Yields 3

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This mod overhauls how the Harbor and its buildings work.

The design philosophy behind this mod is threefold:
  1. To make coastal cities or cities with many sea tiles more balanced.
  2. To reward careful district planning.
  3. To reward investment over time.
To that end, base terrain yields are unchanged. Rather, building the Harbor district immediately increases all sea terrain yields by 1 food. Further investment into the district is rewarded in more valuable resources and an additional terrain bonus.

Ultimately, bare coast tiles will yield 3f/2g and ocean tiles will yield 3f/1g. Resources, on the other hand, will be very fertile. Bare sea tiles in this mod are not designed to be incredibly productive, but are balanced so that working them will still be a net gain. Well-placed harbors can provide extraordinarily large amounts of food, and well-balanced specialists can add just a bit of extra production to island cities.

Harbor Adjacency Bonus
  • +2 food and +1 gold per adjacent City Center, +1 food and +1 gold per adjacent sea resource
Harbor Buildings
  • Lighthouse: +1 food to all sea resources
  • Shipyard: production equal to Harbor adjacency bonus, +1 gold to coast and ocean tiles
  • Seaport: +1 food to coast and ocean tiles, +1 production to all sea resources
These changes replace all prior building yields.

Other Changes
  • Harbor Specialists: provide +1 food, +1 gold, and +1 production
  • Naval Infrastructure and Economic Union policies increase both the Harbor food and gold adjacency bonuses by 100%
  • Cartography now increases Fishing Boat gold by +1 instead of +2
Compatible with the Summer 2017 Update
Fish Farms
is compatible with this mod. Several changes are made to Fish Farms if both mods are activated:
  • Fishing Boats no longer gain adjacency bonuses
  • The additional Harbor gold adjacency bonus is removed
  • The additional trade route gold bonus from Harbors is reduced from 2 to 1
Manual Installation
To install extract the contents of the zip file to Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods.
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Latest reviews

Works, as advertised on the Sardines tin.
Good mod, makes water tiles resemble SMAC somewhat. If you need gold, now crabs and fishies are the way to go, even if you don't get lots of production. Helps a lot in the beginning of the game.
much needed!
great idea to add the yields to buildings instead of terrain to make it easier and much more simpler for the mod to function.
probably one of the top 3 mods so far.
now i can actually settle in coast tiles and don't worry about my city growth.
It really feels like the devs forgot to add this basic +1 food to every water tile after harbour is created.

Hopefully this isnt too abusive. I'll test it right now! From the desc it feels fine. But I want to see how a city will grow having so much free tiles to get food from.

The fact that we don't get the farm bonuses for adjacency might make up for all the water tiles we wont be able to use for districts and heighbourhoods plotting.

Maybe a coastal city will never be as competitive as a landlocked city with those 11~9 food per tile. Maybe a food bonus from the seaport might prove ncessarly. Let's see! I'm yet to test it! But thanks for the awesome mod!
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