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INI Buddy: Config Editing Done Easy 2016-10-05

INI Buddy: Config Editing Done Easy

  1. Jeckel
    Application: INI Buddy

    Desc: An INI File Format Editor
    This application allows simple reading, editing, and creation of files that store data in the INI Format.

    Author: Jeckel

    Company: Vinland Solutions Copyright (c) 2008

    License: GNU General Public License

    Coded With: C++/CLI

    INI Buddy Information
    INI Buddy Tutorial


    1. spreadsheet_2_file_open_TEo.png
    2. spreadsheet_3_file_edited_ZYK.png
    3. sourcefile_2_file_open_slI.png
    4. popup_1_add_section_1_9g2.png
    5. popup_2_add_option_1_s60.png
    6. popup_3_remove_section_1_OVE.png
    7. popup_4_remove_option_1_85C.png