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IsoMod 2016-10-05

Welcome to IsoMod.

There isn't anything flashy here. No new interface, no new units, no new technologies.

The game will play very much like standard Warlords.

The changes:

AI: I've reworked BetterAI. Source code will be provided on request -- it was mostly bug fixes, and taught it a better approximation of unit power.

Graphs: The food graph works. The power graph actually reflects power, not just the "how much production have you spent on units" of standard Civ4. Units that can kill 3 units produce 3 times as much power.

Ancient Units:
I reworked every unit prior to riflemen: the ones that are less useful are better, and the ones that used to dominate are worse.

As an example: Spearmen are strength 5, +75% vs Mounted.

Combat and Promotions:
Collateral units are much weaker, but still key to victory. They can only soften up a target.

Flanking units can reach higher withdraw chances -- after your catapults weaken the target, send in the horses.

First strike is a viable upgrade path -- but you risk running into immune to first strike cavalry.

Unique Units:
UUs are now better than the baseline unit -- but often they cost a bit more to justify their increased power.

There are many more animals, some of which are significantly tougher. Scouts can hunt down animals.

"Insane" difficulty settings that mirror the standard ones produces an ancient era full of Barbarian hordes. On a larger map, entire continents will be overrun. It will take some skill to survive them.

Slavery, Hereditary Rule, Emancipation, Police State and Serfdom have been reworked.
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