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[BTS] Infrastructure Wonders 2016-10-05

This adds a set of national wonders that provide basic infrastructure to all cities.

Each one is long after you had the ability to build the improvement, and grants a minor additional benefit to your city.

Standing Army Headquarters with Military Tradition: Grants a Barracks in all cities, and +2 XP to units in this city.

Scientific Fortifications with Engineering: City Walls in all cities, +50% defense in this city, -10% damage from bombardment.

Supreme Court with Nationalism: Courthouse in all cities, +1 spy in this city. (currently adds +2 esp. points as well, but might be removed)

Fractional Reserve Central Bank with Economics: Grants Granary in all cities, +1 merchant

Standard Weights and Measures with Replaceable Parts: Grants Forge in all cities, +1 engineer

Food Safety Agency with Refrigeration: Grants Grocer in all cities and +2 food in this city.

National Library with Printing Press. Grants a Library in all cities, and +1 scientist in this city.

Global Navigation Charts with Astronomy. Grants a Lighthouse in all cities, and +1 trade route in this city.

Consumer Culture with Assembly Line. Grants a Market in all cities, and +1 artist in this city.

Public Broadcaster with Mass Media. Grants a Theatre in all cities, and +1 artist in this city.

Electronic Exchange with Computers. Grants a Bank in all cities, and +1 merchant in this city.

Public Works Agency with Medicine. Grants Aqueduct in all cities, and +3 health in this city.

This was inspired by:
and was done to teach myself modular XML loading.

The civopedia is currently ... lacking ... for the buildings to a certain degree. Their description is just the description of the building they spawn in every one of your cities.

None of them, except Scientific Fortifications, go obsolete.

All of them are expensive to build, but allow new expansions to get on their feet much faster.

8:02 PM Fed 11 2008 (Eastern NA) -- updated it, had a bug with FSA, and lowered the cost of many of the wonders to be more in line with existing wonders.

(April 1st: Now with German and French names. French names suck, but are better than nothing: Eisklinge wrote the German names.)
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